Jun 272016
Coming Soon: New AM Workshops Website

The summer is off to a quiet start or so it seems. The workshops in Italy (Florence and Matera) went fantastically well, but back in NYC most of the action has been behind the scenes. There is a new website in the works and it will be released next month. After nearly 5 years of [more...]

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May 192016
Your questions answered: Who should I study to improve my craft?

Your questions answered Who should I study to improve my craft? British photographer Dave Geffin asked: Who (and why) are the most important artists photographers should or could look at for inspiration and understanding on how better to improve their own understanding of the craft? Success comes in many forms.  For some it is a [more...]

Mar 172016
How to take criticism: Part 1

How to take criticism Taking criticism is an artform.  It terrifies many people, but should not.  We crave feedback, but criticism comes with baggage.  It takes years to learn how to cut through the b/s and get a good review versus some of the horror stories I have heard over the years. You might not [more...]

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Mar 132016
Adam Marelli Photo Brigade: My thoughts on Workshops, Travel, and the Art of Photography

Adam Marelli on the Photo Brigade My thoughts on Workshops, Travel, and the Art of Photography Robert Caplin, founder of the Photo Brigade, was kind enough to invite me to a session at Adorama here in New York City.  We recorded our time together and it went up on YouTube a while back.  Today they [more...]

Mar 072016
Your Questions Answered:  What do you think about when you take a picture?

Dear Adam,  Hmm… As I’ve told you before, your Bridging the Gap video lesson really reset my ways of searching for scenes-can’t stop recommending it to others! Your introduction of the visual language helped me starting to discover its different elements when studying photographs of others. It’s so much easier now to decide whether a [more...]