Nov 022010

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[  E G Y P T  ]

Ferry To The Isis Temple.  © Adam Marelli

[   E G Y P T   ]

When I was young, the first book I remember reading was called Ancient Civilizations.  The images of pyramids and sarcophagi have been lodged in my brain for nearly thirty years.  Finally I have a chance to see the land of the Pharaohs first hand.

Italian Flare.  © Adam Marelli

[   V E N I C E   ]

It may be overrun with tourists and sinking into the swamps, but Venice is an amazing place to explore.  The quiet backstreets have become an annual destination.

Church in Guimaeraes, Portugal.  © Adam Marelli

[   P O R T U G A L   ]

Come along for trip through the Port-infused castles of Porto and Guimaraes.  Along the way, there were some hearty slabs of meat and a surprise photo gallery.

[  I N D I A   ]

On my first trip, I stayed only two days.  Now I am headed back to Tamil Nadu in southern India to pick up where I left off.

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