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Leica Lens Review: 28mm f/2.0 Summicron


[ P O R T O  &  G U I M A E R E S  ]

Where did everyone go?  This was

a recurring question as I walked through

the city of Porto.  It felt like a war

went through the city, leaving behind

fatherless children and grandparents.

Portugal surprised me and when I asked

“Where were the young people?”,

everyone gave the same response,

“When they get old enough, they leave.”

Porto is a beautiful city that rests on the banks of the Duoro River. But instead of the lively holiday crowds I was expecting, it felt like the circus had packed up and left town. © Adam Marelli

Inside a damp crypt, where the wealthy Portuguese were buried, there was this oddly lit room. I put my lens between the bars and found a shadow that looked like it was praying to Jesus. To a believer, this has meaning, to a non-believer, it’s just a coincidence, to a photographer, it’s an opportunity. © Adam Marelli 

Churches come in all shapes and sizes. They have been poking through European skylines for over one thousand years. But in Porto, they loom over you. At night these brightly lit facades represent a spiritual beacon while the city sleeps. © Adam Marelli

Meat is a part of daily life. This is not a place to travel as a vegetarian. Some people thought being vegetarian meant that you had some type of disease. It must have been scenes like this that influenced the painter, Francis Bacon. © Adam Marelli 

The small town of Guimaeres has the type of castle you probably drew as a kid. The only thing missing is a dragon laying siege to a princess in the tower. © Adam Marelli

This woman reminded me of my own grandmother. She was one of the many grandmothers that seemed to be on duty, patrolling the streets. © Adam Marelli 

The Duoro River has restaurants on one side and port wineries on the other. Connecting the two banks is a towering bridge by Gustav Eiffel. The architectural lighting in Porto is astounding. Because most of the buildings are either stone or metal the lights never blow out the structures. © Adam Marelli

We arrived in Guimaeres on New Year’s Day, so everything was closed. Outside of their contemporary art center is a small garden, filled with fountains. The pools around the fountains were so still it was eerie. © Adam Marelli 

This was the ceiling of a photography space in Porto. It was the best photography gallery I have ever visited. They were showing images from the Chinese Cultural Revolution, in rooms that used to be holding pens for prisoners. The contrast of the building and images is something that every architect should see before attempting to design a gallery space. © Adam Marelli 

Her friends were late. She waited at least one coffee before they arrived. Once they sat down she smiled, but then resumed this intense stare. © Adam Marelli

Maybe it’s a bit morbid, but cemeteries are great places to visit. For every church there was at least one cemetery, sometimes two. © Adam Marelli 

This is what happens to Christmas cheer when there are too many glasses of port involved. If I had to distill a hangover to a single image, it would be this lonely tree. © Adam Marelli

When we packed up and headed home, I had mixed feelings about Portugal. It has all the charms of any European city, but there was something missing. I can’t say what it was, but the feeling of unrest actually made for some interesting pictures. © Adam Marelli


Leica M6 TTL

Leica 28mm Summicron f 2.0

Leica 50mm Summicron f 2.0

Voigtlander 15mm Heliar f 4.5

Abrahamsson Classic Soft Release


Fuji Provia 100F ASA Color Slide Film

Kodak Ektar 100 ASA Color Negative Film

Ilford Delta 100 B/W Film

  2 Responses to “Leica Lens Review: 28mm f/2.0 Summicron”

  1. Lovely images. I was in Porto just this year and loved it, it’s a beautiful city. The photo gallery you mentioned is really a great one–I went there as well. Thanks for posting, love your site!

    • Hey Trevor,

      Porto is an exquisite city. I look forward to it developing. It felt a little caught in the past. Things seemed outdated in an odd way, especially for a place that was such an important port for so long. But there are things popping up all over. That photo gallery is one of them. Its an outstanding space. Would love to show there.

      And thank you for the kind words on the site.


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