Nov 132010

Image taken by Jeff Johnson of a spear fisherman off the coast of Chile. There will be more images from Jeff’s travels when I get back. © Jeff Johnson

A Week In Tamil Nadu

Hey Guys,

Its 4:45 AM here in NYC.  In ten minutes, I am leaving for the airport on my way to India for a week.  When I get back there will be some exciting new updates.  Photo Village was nice enough to lend me a Leica 90mm Summicron F 2.0 for the trip.  I will be field testing the lens in the subtropical temples of southern India.  When I get back I will post my full review of the lens and tons of shots from the field.  I can’t wait!

And…and this one is super exciting, I had a chance to talk to Jeff Johnson this week.  Jeff works as a photographer for Patagonia, where he travels the world surfing, rock climbing, and adventuring.  He talked to me about why he bought an M7 just a few years ago, when he was feeling really burnt on photography.  Then he set off for a six month journey from southern Mexico down to Patagonia.  The trip turned into a full length feature film called 180 Degrees South.  I would check the film out in the meantime on his site at

Jeff sent me some amazing images which will be posted on the site when I get back.

Until then, enjoy your shooting, and I will see you in a week!


–Adam Marelli

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