Dec 292010

Looking In Dark Corners

After dinner, when the city is mostly closed, the empty streets are a night photographer’s dream.  Greens and oranges flood the canals as the blue sky gives way to the blackness of a Venetian evening.  Even during the off season Venice is a busy place.  It can be challenging to find images that do not have a group of tourists in the back drop.  But at night this all changes.  Shooting at night transforms ordinary images into surreal landscapes.  Each night after dinner, we set off looking for new scenes in the dark corners of the city.

Just below the Riato Bridge, the ferry makes its final rounds up the Grand Canal to the train station.

This fine young man was hanging out on the back side of the Palazzo Barbaro. See "The City of Fallen Angels" for the history of the Curtis family and the down fall of the house.

The backside of La Fenice, Venice's famous opera house, is deceptively quiet. The building was nearly destroyed by two serious fires, but refuses to give up. The building on the left looks like it is reflecting a blaze, so it all seemed to fit.

The water did not make a sound against the sides of the sleeping boats.

Not everyone was amazed at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Tomorrow ( Domani )

We start at the Guggenheim and end up on a train to Padua as the excitement for New Year’s (Capodanno) continues to build.


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