Jan 312011
Leica Air: Landed In Delhi

The Smell of Tea and Burning Garbage Somehow I managed to sleep most of the way from New York to Delhi.  This was in spite of the small child behind me who was practicing breakdancing moves on my seat.  Airplanes need to have playrooms installed so normal people are not driven to insanity by bouncing [more...]

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Jan 292011
Leica Air, Now Boarding

Off to Northern India Hey Everyone, Its 5:00 and we are headed to the airport.  It looks like the snow held out for today and in 20 some odd hours, we will land in Dehli.  From Dehli we are heading up the Ganges from Varanasi to Haridwar For this trip I packed the M9 and [more...]

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Jan 282011
Leica Air Interview: Chip Forelli

Expanding The Horizon Great photographers each develop their own signature style.  Ansel Adam’s was known for his pioneering spirit, Robert Capa for his insane courage, and Steve McCurry for blending into his surroundings. But a lesser known quality about many photographers is the amount of time they devote to passing along their knowledge to other photographers. [more...]

Jan 272011
Leica Travel Guide

Eating In Venice There are three comments you will always hear about Venice; Its sinking, its expensive and the food stinks.  This is a half truth perpetuated by day trippers who have not cracked the Venetian code. Where To Eat: Introduction The Venetian menu is seasonal, much like the rest of Italy.  The kitchens take [more...]

Jan 242011
Your Shot [002]

Valery Titievsky A Russian Journal The balance between embracing the future and preserving the past is always on the verge of collapse. After World War II, a generation of Russian men were missing.  Young women filled the empty boots of farmers, technicians, managers, and fathers who died in the war. Sixty five years later, I [more...]

Jan 202011
Sebastião Salgado & Fred Ritchin

Sebastiao Salgado & Fred Ritchin Entering the Circle Approaching people for the first time can be intimidating.  Our anxieties are usually greater than the real situation.  Sebastião Salgado, an economics student turned photographer, discusses his ideas about “Entering the circle.”  Once inside you are no longer take pictures of people, they give them to you. [more...]

Jan 182011
Craig Semetko + Misha Erwitt

D. I. E. & “You can’t Use That!” Openings are a great chance for photographers to hang out, wax poetica about images, & compare their camera jewelry. Both Craig and Misha shared the stories behind their images to a packed house last Thursday night at the Leica Gallery. D.I.E, what a way to live. The [more...]

Jan 162011
Kando Camera Case

[ Black Label Bags ] Distilling the padded world of camera bags one step further is the “Kando” from Black Label. It is the easiest way to get from origin to destination without any extra luggage. Travel Light When I travel the goal is to take as little as possible and make it last for [more...]