Jan 132011

[ In His Own Words ]

Elliott Erwitt makes me laugh.

His even keeled sensibility

could entertain me for hours.

In this short video he answers

a few questions submitted by


Elliot Erwitt not exactly endorsing Photoshop.

If you are interested in the answers to these questions, check out the video:

  • Is the digital age corrupting the world of photography?
  • Any missed opportunities or photographs you wish you had taken?
  • Why is street photography dominated by black and white?
  • Do you ever get anxious taking pictures of people in public?
  • When taking pictures for “Dog Dogs” did you look at the dog or the human subject first?
  • Is there any photo you wished you had taken but didn’t?
  • Is there any photo you wished you had NOT taken?
  • Of all your fantastic photos, which is your best and why?  This answer is classic.
  • “The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words,” Please explain.

Elliott Erwitt’s well worn M3 and 50mm Summilux

Elliot Erwitt's well worn Leica M3 and 50mm Summilux by Eyepenn (Andrew)

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