Jan 312011

The Smell of Tea and Burning Garbage

Black Label Silk Strap on my M9 and the 75mm Summicron cap.

Somehow I managed to sleep most of the way from New York to Delhi.  This was in spite of the small child behind me who was practicing breakdancing moves on my seat.  Airplanes need to have playrooms installed so normal people are not driven to insanity by bouncing children.  But even with Dancefest 2000, I woke up somewhere over Kazakhstan.

Kodak Tri-X 400

I just loaded up the M6 with some Kodak Tri-X 400 and I will be following some tips from Chip Forelli.  Hopefully I will be able to draw a bit more range out of the film based on his advice.

Leica M9 (left) with 75mm Summicron & Leica M6 (right) with 28mm Elmarit.

Right not the M9 is set up with the 75mm Summicron with the Black Label Silk Strap and the M6 has the 28mm Elmarit and my trusty Luigi Strap.

There are two things I look forward to when coming to India.  One is the smell of burning garbage.  The open pits of smoldering trash have a smell that equals excitement.  Anyone who has ever smelled this knows what I mean.  If you have not, I highly recommend visiting a country where locals still burn garbage.  The other thing is a hot cup of Masala tea.  Just like cappucinos in Italy or croissants in France, hot Masala tea in little silver teapots means “We are in India.”

Gotta Run! Talk to you from Varanasi with some photo updates.


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