Feb 282011
Magnum Photo: Burt Glinn

Paris Frame Works There is no central meeting place for photography shows in New York City.  The venues range from furniture stores, to pop up clothing boutiques, and contemporary art galleries. As a result, the show are always a surprise and usually come with a twist. Burt Glinn: Ivy League To Magnum The early members [more...]

Feb 252011
Up & Coming: William Juseck

[ Photographs, Mainly of Women ] Ideal conditions and fancy equipment do not always produce the best pictures.  The limitations in budget, resources, and time can force us to maximize our creativity.  In between work and sleep, many young photographers got their start squeezing their passion into every available hour. In your newest series “Photographs, [more...]

Feb 162011
Who Is Sven Hoffmann?

ISSUE N° 005 / HONG KONG How did you decide to start working with a Leica? And which equipment do you use? I have always been a huge fan of “The Greats” like Robert Frank, Clemens Kalischer, and Wim Wenders just to name a few.  For me they are true Leica photographers, along with Henri Cartier-Bresson.  [more...]

Feb 042011
Still Alive

Checking in from Rishikesh Thank you everyone who emailed me, concerned that I had been swept away in the Ganges.  I am alive and well in Rishkesh north of Varanasi.  Later this evening I will be posting a few pictures from the road.  As it turns out the bulk of the updates will need to be [more...]

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