Mar 312011
Chiun-Kai Shih & Leica S2

— Behind the scenes of GQ Taiwan Working behind the scenes at a fashion shoot is quite similar to shooting on the street.  There are a range of characters, each acting out their own roles as Chiun-Kai is pursuing his vision for GQ’s layout.  The down time between “looks” is a great time to observe [more...]

Mar 212011
Bill Cunningham New York

“Money is cheap, Freedom is Expensive” His bike has been stolen twenty eight times, he still shoots film, and doesn’t understand why anyone needs a kitchen in their apartment.  Bill does not consider himself a photograper.  His interest and sole commitment is finding people who wear clothes well.  Take a closer look at the man [more...]

Mar 172011
Leica Lens Review: 75mm Summicron f 2.0

Getting More, With Less Leica describes the 75mm as a short tele, but what does that mean? Caught somewhere between a tele 90mm and a standard 50mm, the 75mm proved to be more versatile than its name leads us to believe.  It can handle a range of subjects without weighing you down.   ‹ Introduction › Before [more...]

Mar 142011
Coming Soon

What’s New This Week The last two weeks have been jam packed with meetings, interviews, lectures, and scheduling. When I am not taking pictures, I am either designing buildings or consulting on architecture. How does architecture and photography fit together, well, more on that later. The Updates But I am finally back in front of the computer and [more...]

Mar 082011
Leica Gallery: WOWE + Alan Behr

Shooting From The Inside For those who embrace the crowded island of Manhattan as home, it is know simply as “The City.”  Seen from above, a collection of miniature worlds live above, below,and in between one another.  Each world, if it is lucky, will have a handy photographer to remove the veil and shoot from [more...]

Mar 022011
L2 Fine Art Mounting &  Framing

Interview with Jack Klebanow Two years ago at the PDN Photo Expo, I was looking for someone in the New York area who specialized in high end photo mounting. After thirty minutes of questions, answers, and a few laughs we finally exchanged names. “Jack Klebanow, nice to meet you.  What’s yours?”  This was my introduction [more...]