Mar 142011

What’s New This Week

The last two weeks have been jam

packed with meetings, interviews,

lectures, and scheduling. When I

am not taking pictures, I am either

designing buildings or consulting

on architecture. How does

architecture and photography fit

together, well, more on that later.

Leica 75mm APO-Summicron f 2.0, detail mounted on my Leica M9 Adam Marelli.

The Updates

But I am finally back in front of the computer and plan on spending the next two weeks writing.  Thanks for your patiences as the articles trickle on to the site.  So what can you expect to see in the coming days? Here is the list of articles that will be coming out over the next two weeks, I hope you enjoy them.


Leica Lens Review: 75mm APO-Summicron F 2.0 from India

On my last trip to the cities of Northern India, I had a chance to test out the 75mm APO-Summicron.  It was the first time I handled or shot this lens.  Surely one of the finest lenses in the Leica’s line up, the 75mm came with a quick learning curve.  By the end of the week I deemed it “The Middle Man,” because it was not exactly my 50mm, but not the 90mm either.  The 75mm occupies an unusual space between a portrait and standard lens, but if you are willing to get up close and personal, I found it a great alternative to the 90mm.  The video review of the 75mm and the 90mm are also on tap for later in April.


Qandahar Afghanistan 1992.  © Steve McCurry.

Interview: Steve McCurry

Steve does not need much on an introduction.  His 30+ years as a photographer have earned him a spot on both the National Geographic Team and a membership at Magnum Photo.  Before heading out on his next long term assignment, I had a chance to  talk to Steve about his experiences abroad.  He shared some advice for photographers heading overseas and how to stay one step ahead of the trends.

Up & Coming photographer Felix Kunze.  © Felix Kunze

Up & Coming photographer William Ross.  © William Ross.


Up & Coming Photographers: Felix Kunze & William Ross

Join me as I talk to two young photographers who came to New York for a piece of the action.  One is assisting photo legend Annie Leibowitz in her West Village Studio and the other took a hiatus from college to pursue a job offer in NYC.  He managed to parlay  the gig into a number of freelance jobs that has him wondering if returning to college is worth his time or money.

Coexistence or Convergence.  © Liz Loh-Taylor


Leaving The Old Life Behind: Liz Loh-Taylor

No one loves a success story more than I do.  Living out the fantasy of every desk worker around the world, spend a little time with photographer Liz Loh-Taylor as she quit her job as a financial analyst to full her dream of being a photographer.  One country at a time, one village at a time, she has built an impressive portfolio of humanitarian portraits which occupy the center stage of her new foundation for children in Africa.


 © Chip Forelli.

Photography Workshops: Chip Forelli & Nancy Ori

Take a trip “Down the Shore” with photographers Chip Forelli & Nancy Ori, as they host a Photography Workshop in the beach town of Cape May, New Jersey.  The weekend workshop is geared towards intermediate and advanced photographers who are interested in long exposure night work and expanding their professional portfolios.  Chip and Nancy will be explaining the in’s and outs of dealing with galleries, how to mount exhibitions, and the business side of fine art photography.  Workshop dates are April 29th-May 4th.  Email Nancy for additional information

Who Is Adam Marelli?

Depending on who you ask, the answer could be architect, builder, artist or photographer.  I am lots of things to many people and its about time I put a comprehensive answer together.  Here goes nothing!



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