Apr 272011
Leica Gallery Review: Nicholas Vreeland

–From the Roof of the World Before he left for the monastery all of his camera equipment was stolen. Living off of the insurance money, Nicholas Vreeland adopted the spartan life of a monk. Until one day someone loaned him a camera and he began to explore his new life from the inside out. Nature’s [more...]

Apr 202011
Leica Gallery: Nicholas Vreeland

Return To The Roof Of The World Tomorrow night the Leica Gallery will be exhibiting the new work by Tibetan Monk Nicholas Vreeland curated by Elizabeth Avedon. Rite of Spring Whether you are just in town for vacation or emerging from a winter hibernation, the Leica Gallery has a surprise in store for everyone.  Join [more...]

Apr 192011
Up & Coming: Liz Loh-Taylor

One Camera, One Lens Photographer Liz Loh-Taylor gave up a career in finance to start a humanitarian foundation and to work as a photographer.  Equipped with only an M9 and a 35mm lens, her bare bones  approach is giving a voice to people being squeezed out of their homelands. What made you take the leap from working in finance [more...]

Apr 152011
What Is My Next Project

Felix Kunze on Marlene Rose Selecting a project is a challenge that every photographer must face.  Whether you are a reporter for Time magazine or an avid Flickr poster, we all need new and exciting subjects.  But how do you learn to step outside of the comfort zone and find new projects? Fashion Eye On [more...]

Apr 112011
Leica Gallery Guide

New York City Every month I recieve emails from readers of the website who are planning a trip to New New York City.  The two most common questions are “Are there any good photo shows?” and “Can you recommend a good place to eat?”   Where Are The Photo Galleries? It can be a challenge [more...]