Apr 112011

New York City

Every month I recieve emails

from readers of the website

who are planning a trip to New

New York City.  The two most

common questions are “Are

there any good photo shows?”

and “Can you recommend a

good place to eat?”

Leica Gallery Guide Adam Marelli

Graffiti on a wall in Chelsea. Sometimes the best shows are on the street. Leica M9 & 50mm Summicron: 1/250th, f 5.6 @ ISO 160.  © Adam Marelli.


Where Are The Photo Galleries?

It can be a challenge to find good shows in the city.  The gallery system is not a centralized body.  They do not typically cooperate with each other, plan events in conjunction with one another, and have only recently made an effort to exist as a whole entitiy.  The art market in New York is driven by contemporary art galleries.  They run the show in numbers and it dollars.  Photography specific galleries are a smaller niche within this world.  The exhibition spaces are smaller, not always at street level, and harder to stumble upon.  But I found a great website that gives an up todate listings of galleries, broken up by neighboorhood with all of the exhibition information.

Brain Natural History Museum

This is a model of the human head where the size of each body part is determined by the quantity of nerves dedicated for each sense by the brain. Leica M9 & 50mm Summicron f 2.0: 1/125th, f 2.5 @ ISO 1250.  © Adam Marelli

Who Is Showing?

If you shoot a Leica chances are you have visited the Magnum Photo website.  The people that got you interesting in photography probably shot B/W film and may have been a member of Magnum at some point in their careers.  Ever since Magnum digitized their archives and opened up the website, we have been able to troll the virtual shelves of their incredible collection.

After a few months of going through the thumbnails, you will eventually want to see some of the prints in person, but where can you go to see good street based photography?  I wish the answer was simple.  Finding exhibitions of photographers who use Leica equipment or even Magnum photographers is no simple task.  Some photographers detest the gallery system and justifiably so.  The gallery system is a business world with its moral pitfals no different than any other industry.  As a result some successful photographers prefer to stay out of this world all together.  The advantage favoring photographers visiting NYC is nowadays everything is on line.  We are used to checking websites like Leica Rumors, Leica Images, LFI, Luminous-Landscape, and Thorsten Overgaard.  Its in our nature to scan websites for relevant information.  I wanted to share a website I use all the time to preview upcoming shows and give you the names of galleries you might want to check out on your next trip to the city.

Photograph Magazine Adam Marelli

Cover shot of Photograph Magazine, an essential guide to photo galleries in New York City.

Photograph Magazine

I can’t remember how I first came across Photograph Magazine’s website last year.  Since I have been going through galleries since my NYU days, I am pretty familiar with a good chunck of the galleries in Manhattan.  But when it came time to look up photo-specific shows, it would mean sifting through a sea of contemprary art in order to distill a handful of photography exhibitions.  Photograph Magazine’s website has a listing for exhibitions.  This is a one stop shop for finding shows.  The exhibitions are split up roughly be neighborhoods: Downtown, Chelsea, Midtown & Uptown, Brooklyn, and Queens.  All of the listings are hyperlinked with the galleries which makes navigation a breeze.  You can also follow them on Facebook.

Dan Flavin Adam Marelli

When you are in Chelsea, definitely peek your head into some of the other galleries. Contemporary art is very "hit and miss," but there are good shows to be seen. This was a great installation of an older artist Dan Flavin @ Paula Cooper Gallery. Leica M9 & 50mm Summicron f 2.0: 1/180th, f 4.8 & ISO 160.  © Adam Marelli.

The Usual Suspects

In the last few years there are a few galleries I always check for shows.  They have a mix of photojournalists and Magnum Photographers I enjoy.  Here are a few names, enjoy.


Anastasia Photo: http://www.anastasia-photo.com/
Leica Gallery: Website, 670 Broadway, Suite 500.


Hasted Kraeutler: http://hastedkraeutler.com/home.php
Aperture Gallery: http://www.aperture.org/
Danziger Projects: http://www.danzigerprojects.com/
Steven Kasher Gallery: http://stevenkasher.com/html/home.asp
Robert Mann Gallery: http://robertmann.com/index.html
Yossi Milo Gallery:  http://www.yossimilo.com/


Howard Greenberg Gallery: http://howardgreenberg.com/
Throckmorton Fine Art: http://throckmorton-nyc.com/

In the second half of this entry, I am going to give you two essentials for gallery hopping; where to eat and where to find a bathroom.  If you have ever been to Chelsea you know what I mean.



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  1. No mention of the ICP? Do you have something against Capa? :-) Really like the site Adam and I’m definitely missing NYC. Hope you’re well.

    • Certainly nothing against Capa, I figured everyone was familiar with the heavy hitters like ICP, MoMA, the Metropolitan, and the Guggenheim.

      Come back to the city anytime, we’d love to have you! Glad you are enjoying the site.

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