Apr 202011

Return To The Roof Of The World

Tomorrow night the Leica Gallery

will be exhibiting the new work by

Tibetan Monk Nicholas Vreeland

curated by Elizabeth Avedon.

Nicholas Vreeland Adam Marelli

Khyongla Rinpoche on His Mountain, Dagyab, Tibet, 2003.  © Nicholas Vreeland

Rite of Spring

Whether you are just in town for vacation or emerging from a winter hibernation, the Leica Gallery has a surprise in store for everyone.  Join me Thursday April 21st (6-8 PM) to see what Nicholas Vreeland found when he traveled through the “Roof of the World.”  I have not seen the show yet, but expect to see pictures from Tibet and the north Indian refuge of Dharmasala where the Dali Lama lives in exile.  Come see for yourselves, it should be a great evening.  I will be there around 7pm, feel free to say hi.

Nicholas Vreeland Adam Marelli

Monk & Photographer Nicholas Vreeland in action.  © Jesse Jiryu Davis

Look forward to seeing you there.


Leica Gallery

670 Broadway Suite 500 (5th Floor)

New York, NY

Website: Leica Gallery


  6 Responses to “Leica Gallery: Nicholas Vreeland”

  1. I am the owner of the latest Leica M9.

    I lost the invitation. I will be coming with my wife and two guest at 7:30pm April 21, 2011

    • Congrats on the M9 Howard, enjoy it and use it tonight. Openings are the only times they allow photography in the gallery.

      See you later this evening!

  2. The photo of Nicholas Vreeland is mine, you’re using it without my permission, please take it down.



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