Jun 242011
Leica & Magnum Partnership Kick Off

LEICA CAMERA AG AND MAGNUM PHOTOS PRESENT A NEW MULTIMEDIA ESSAY Alex Majoli presents the everyday life of a gondolier in Venice through images of unmatched brilliance Leica M9-P in Venice Solms, Germany (June 23, 2011) – Leica Camera AG announces the debut of a multimedia essay shot by Magnum Photographer Alex Majoli. The inspirational [more...]

Jun 242011
YOUR SHOT [ 004 ]

Marco Rodarte-Elias “I like it, but not sure why” Have you ever taken a picture and liked it, but were not sure why?  When it comes to explaining why we like pictures, the conversation gets a bit murky.  Sometimes we can recognize a good picture, but find it hard to explain. On The Beach While [more...]

Jun 182011
Great Compositions: Robert Capa

Great Compositions: Robert Capa Making It Happen Expelled from Hungary at age seventeen, Endre Friedmann bounced from Germany to France learning photography along the way.  When he arrived the man we know as Robert Capa was born.  Possibly the greatest war photographer in history Capa’s contributions are as broad as his interest. Introduction This analysis [more...]

Jun 152011
Chip Forelli: PDN Magazine

Designing a Portfolio “So what type of work do you shoot?” This question stumps photographers all the time.  Clarity about your work can lead to successful jobs. In the recent issue of PDN, Chip shares the secret behind designing a portfolio and how it landed him a huge job. “I made this for you…” Parents [more...]

Jun 102011
Interview: Steve McCurry

Shifting Tides The voice of a photographer exists in their images.  As witnesses to history, those perceptions change over time. After three decades of work, I wanted to ask Steve McCurry how his experiences working in Asia have shaped his world view. — Introduction Last year, at a book signing at Phaidon Press, I had [more...]

Jun 042011
Great Compositions: Photographer Craig Semetko

Great Compositions: Craig Semetko The School of Henri Cartier-Bresson When we begin photography, it is a natural tendency to look for inspiration.  If we are lucky we might have a chance to work with the photographers we admire, but for many of us, we can only know them through their images. Getting To Know Henri [more...]

Jun 022011
X100 and Great Compositions with Craig Semetko

After Some Production Delays… Fujifilm X 100 Back In Stock B&H Photo has a few of the Fujifilm X100‘s in stock.  They will probably be sold out by the end of the day.  Its amazing how popular this hybrid rangefinder is world wide. Craig Semetko per Chiara Manfredi… Also, join me tomorrow for the next [more...]

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