Jun 172011

“In His Own Words”

Phaidon Press made a great series

of videos, so we could hear Steve

talk about some of his iconic images.

Before we get into the videos I just

wanted to say a few things to you

for all your on going support.

Tailor in Monsoon.  © Steve McCurry.

Lakshmi Blessings

On this special Friday I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading the interviews and Great Composition series.  The feedback, both publicly and privately has been fantastic.  In the past, I have been advised to do more reviews and product related posts because “people respond best to them.”  While I love my gear as much as you do, I thought everyone would come to this site for something different.

Goddess Laksmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. We all need her blessings especially to keep the ball rolling.

Beyond the gear, photography for me encompasses everything from the books I read, to the places I travel, and the dreams I have back home. When I started this site, the goal was to make a place for photographers speak about their work, successes, doubts, and next steps so we can all learn from the process.  Along the way I hoped the Great Compositions would open up some new ways of looking at work so that you could apply different techniques to improve your  own ability to evaluate images and take photos.

As photographers, we are part of a enormous human effort that has been going on for over 45,000 years.  The attempt to communicate through images is one of the oldest recorded traditions.  And all of the clues left be earlier artists are for us to share, discuss, understand so that just like Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Ok, moving on here is a short collection of videos that Phaidon sent me of Steve McCurry talking about some if his most famous images.  When I look at a picture that really inspires me, I always wonder what was going up right before the shot.  The thoughts that precede a great photograph can be so telling as to the power of that image.  Its nice that Phaidon puts together these vignettes so we can explore the images we know and love.


Steve McCurry shares the story behind his iconic photograph: ‘Beggar Girl, Bombay, India’ (1993)

Steve McCurry shares the story behind his iconic photograph: ‘Widow, Vrindavan, India (1995)’

Steve McCurry shares the story behind his iconic photograph ‘Dust Storm, Rajasthan, India’

Steve McCurry shares the story behind his iconic photograph ‘Camels, Gulf War, Kuwait’

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