Jun 022011

After Some Production Delays…

Fujifilm X100, back in stock at B&H Photo.

Rear view of the Fujifilm X100. Click the link to image to connect to B&H Photo.

Fujifilm X 100 Back In Stock

B&H Photo has a few of the Fujifilm X100‘s in stock.  They will probably be sold out by the end of the day.  Its amazing how popular this hybrid rangefinder is world wide.

Here are 4 hints why Craig's images work so well. Can you see the Bresson in him?  © Craig Semetko.

Craig Semetko per Chiara Manfredi…

Also, join me tomorrow for the next installment of Great Compositions with Craig Semetko.  His images come from the school of Bresson, so they should have some interesting secrets locked inside of them.  Craig is actually a friend of mine, so we have an ongoing discussion of design.  It should be interesting.

Tomorrow is fixing to be a very busy day because I am finishing up the architectural details for the Tanna Project, so the post will probably go up later in the afternoon, if not I promise you will be able to read it over your Saturday morning coffee.

Candy Factory, Kabul Afghanistan.  © Steve McCurry.

Exclusive Interview With Steve McCurry

And two months ago I had a chance to interview Steve McCurry about his work and his next trip.  Both of our schedules were totally packed, but I have finally received the images to accompany the piece.  Look for it next week.


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  3 Responses to “X100 and Great Compositions with Craig Semetko”

  1. All sounds great! Keep up the great work :)

    • Thanks Jesper, once I finish up these drawings for Tanna, Craig’s article will be posted. Hope you like it.

  2. Waiting to see the interview with Steve, Adam!!

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