Jul 262011
Out of Town

Flight To Tanna Hey Everyone, The bags are packed, check lists completed and the batteries are charged.  This afternoon I am flying out to Tanna, in the Pacific island chain of Vanuatu.  Its going to be a long 30 hours before I touch down in Port Vila.  After a little rest, I will be taking [more...]

Jul 192011
Lightroom 3 Problems

“Adobe, get your S*** together!” UPDATED Yesterday, I had to call Adobe for technical support. There was something awry with my back ups folder. It seems logical that Adobe technical support could help me out.  WRONG.  I was lied to, hung up on, and told my requests were impossible to satisfy. Turns out, my simple [more...]

Jul 182011

Field Test from Tanna Just as I was writing out my packing lists, ARCA-SWISS sent me an email about their new mini L-Bracket for the Leica M9. They decided to send me one of the new brackets to review during my project on Tanna. In just a few days I will be flying to the [more...]

Jul 152011
Leonardo Da Vinci

Advice from Uncle Leo [ Ten Tips from a Master ] The advice of master artists can easily be adapted to photography. If we want a useful set of guidelines, it might as well come from the greatest artists in history.  By deciphering the tips they gave to young artists of the day, we should [more...]