Jul 262011

Flight To Tanna

Hey Everyone,

The bags are packed, check lists completed and the batteries are charged.  This afternoon I am flying out to Tanna, in the Pacific island chain of Vanuatu.  Its going to be a long 30 hours before I touch down in Port Vila.  After a little rest, I will be taking a hop flight to the remote island of Tanna, which will be my home for the next month.  I want to thank all of you for the good wishes and if anyone wants to get in a last “Have a great trip!”  please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.  And if there are any picture requests, let me know.  I will try to get to everyone’s requests.

There will be no internet access inside of the village, so things might be quiet for the next month. I will be sending my lovely girlfriend updates which she will post in the coming weeks.  If I can send any pictures I will, but the general consensus is telling me there will be no emailing pictures.  We shall see.

I would also like to thank the project sponsors who have each contributed to the effort.  On the return, I will have some speaking engagements about the project, with the first one at Unique University through Unique Photo.  There may be on at BH Photo too, so I look forward to meeting everyone who can make it. : )

Photo Village


Photo Village is a one of my favorite Leica dealers here in NYC. They provided me with a 90mm lens, Black Label half case and my Artisan & Artist camera bag.


Ilford Galerie will be providing all of the paper for my upcoming exhibition of images from Tanna.
Unique Photo & Ilford provided all of the Delta 400 black and white film which will be used on the project.
Robert Capa bought a Burberry Raincoat for the invasion on Normandy, Nigel Cabourn sent me some fantastic linen jackets for the island. Just because I am roughing it, does not mean it can’t be done in style. Cheers Kiomi & Drew in Nigel’s Shop!
Arca Swiss sent me their new Mini L Bracket to review on the island. I tried it briefly here in NYC and its a super well built item. Looking forward to using it in the field.
A friend of mine brought this vacuum sensor cleaner to my attention about two weeks ago. Dust on the sensor is a fact of life. But this looks like the easiest way to keep my Leica M9 clean on the road. There will be a review of this system in the Fall.


Thanks for all of your support, I look forward to hearing from all of you while I am on the road!


  6 Responses to “Out of Town”

  1. Best wishes for your journey! I consider that Tanna is well decorated and safely flight for journey. Thanks a lot :)

    • Thanks Nil,

      The trip went well. Some bumps and bruises along the way, but nothing permanent. Tanna is an incredible island, one which I hope to return to shortly.


  2. I’m reading this article and it appears to be fantastic! Nice way of writing and you’ve explained some outstanding points about this issue.

    • Hi Benjamin,

      Thanks man, happy to hear you enjoy the writing. Hope some of the points come in handy during your next project.


  3. Discovered you weblog by way of askjeeve I have to admit I m impressed with the posts!

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