Aug 232011

Join Me This Evening

— Podcasts come to Life

AFGHANISTAN. Kunar. 2007. SGT BROWN in the 15th month of his deployment to Afghanistan. Peter van Agtmael

Photo Essays

When I take shorter trips from NYC, I load up my iPhone with two types of podcasts.  The first are Magnum “In Motion” photo essays and the other are TED talks (here is a link to one of my all time favorites).  If you have never ventured deep into the Magnum website, click on the “In Motion” tab.  Inside you will find a collection of narrated photo essays from Magnum photographers.  They are a great way to hear personal insights about a project while viewing some incredible images.  Join me tonight as Magnum’s hosts an “In Motion” evening at Milk Studios here in Manhattan.  If you are in town come by and check it out.  It should make for a great evening.

IRAQ. Baghdad. 2006. Specialist Jeff REFFNER, 23, moments after being wounded by a roadside bomb (IED). He is still at Walter Reed hospital over two years later and just had his 24th surgery. Peter van Agtmael

IRAQ. Mosul. 2006. A teenager after being hit by U.S. soldiers during a deadly raid. Peter van Agtmael

Magnum Photos and Milk Made present Magnum in Motion LIVE, the first dedicated exhibition of multimedia essays produced by Magnum photographers and the Magnum In Motion team.

IRAQ. Mosul. 2006. A young boy is separated for questioning after a raid. Peter van Agtmael

In Motion

Since 2004, Magnum in Motion has produced over 100 multimedia essays using images from the Magnum archive and highlighting new content produced by the photographers and estates of Magnum Photos. The theme of this exhibition is based on the events surrounding 9/11, not only the event itself, but the ways in which this moment in US history has affected daily life, politics and policy both at home and abroad over the last 10 years.

IRAQ. Baghdad. 2006. A badly wounded Iraqi soldier is treated in the Baghdad ER. Peter van Agtmael

Tonight’s Speaker

Photographer Peter Van Agtmael will be presenting a slideshow of his recent work to be followed by a panel discussion with Magnum In Motion Director Adrian Kelterborn on August 23rd at 7pm with a public opening reception from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

MILK Gallery
450 West 15th Street
New York, NY 10011
United States

The reception is open to the public but we do request that you RSVP for the artist talk and panel discussion to


AFGHANISTAN. Nuristan. 2007. A helicopter comes to land on an impromptu helipad built into the side of the mountain at the outpost of Aranas. Peter van Agtmael




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