Sep 142011

Film Shooters

— Time to Stock Up 

Fuji Films announces cuts to film production. © Japan Camera Hunter

A few days ago Japan Camera Hunter posted an article about Fuji Film reducing the number of film types available.  Part of this is very worrying, but they other side of it is a return to the “old days.”  The choices of film used to be quite limited.  But the difference was all in the perception.  Photographers knew that film companies were working day and night to provide more options for the future.

Now in reverse, the options are there but the demand has shrunk.  Its funny to think that if we have two options of film, with the prospect of more coming in the future, it seems exciting.  But if we have 10 options with the prospect of loosing two, it becomes depressing.  The film situation is still fairly good, but who knows how long it will last.

Read the full Fuji Film details HERE.

  6 Responses to “Fuji Film Announces Cuts”

  1. I remember in early 2000′s, not a problem but I eventually switched to digital. Now that I’m getting back into film it’s something to consider. Granted, I haven’t the history with all these film options so I will learn to make due with what’s available.

    • Artists are like cockroaches, we find a way to survive in spite of obstacles. It is unfortunate that film sales are slipping, but then again the film companies are really not working to make processing or scanning any easier. With an Imacon X5 scanner costing almost $20K, there is still too big of a margin to create comparable images. Like you said, we will make due with what’s available.


  3. Where can I purchase 35mm APS film for my Olympus NEWPIC Zoom 90?

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