Sep 282011


Mini-L Bracket

Click on the image to visit the ARCA-SWISS homepage.

This video is an experiment.  I like to look at things in “real life” so I figured, why not make a video showing products I review.  It should give you a better impression of the ARCA-SWISS Mini-L Bracket which can be used on all Leica M cameras.  I love the freeze frame that YouTube automatically selected, yikes!  Does anyone know how to change that?  Haha.



  6 Responses to “Leica Accessories”

  1. I think you should check out the Really Right Stuff L-bracket for M9. IMHO, its much better than the ARCA-SWISS. If you want to see how it looks on the camera, let me know.

  2. Fantastic review. Incredibly professional.. and looking good Adam! :)

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