Oct 302011
Be Back Shortly

Hi Everyone, I have been offline for the last few days and just wanted to say hi. Between Photo East Expo here in NYC and preparation for the workshop I have been totally swamped.  There was no time to get any new articles posted, but there is new material coming this way. One awesome thing [more...]

Oct 242011
James Nachtwey

Reflected Light A photographer on the street needs to be resourceful.  Without the aid  of assistants or studio lighting, we  must find light sources in unlikely places.  Once we discover that  a building can be a reflector, it  allows us to break the monotony of flat shadows caused by the sun.   Fill Light Broad [more...]

Oct 152011
Great Compositions: W. Eugene Smith

Great Compositions: W. Eugene Smith The Picture that Changed It All When in the course of human events…no  wait thats a different speech.  In our lives there will be a handful of photographs  which flip the light switch of creativity. These “Ah Ha” moments forever change the way we view picture making.     My [more...]

Oct 122011
Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman Through Danny Lyon Last week, I slept on ceremonial Hopi Land in northern Arizona. Prior to leaving, photographer Danny Lyon and I sat in a park on Mulberry Street.  He said something that stuck with me. But it was not until I travelled half way across the country that his Walt Whitman quote [more...]