Oct 302011

Hi Everyone,

I have been offline for the last few days and just wanted to say hi.

Between Photo East Expo here in NYC and preparation for the workshop I have been totally swamped.  There was no time to get any new articles posted, but there is new material coming this way.

Memorial Day Run, Milwaukee. 1966 © Danny Lyon

One awesome thing to note is Danny Lyon invited us to a book signing at his gallery here in NYC, next Saturday November 5th (3-5pm) at the Edwynn Houk Gallery.  He is a fascinating photographer for more reasons than I can list here.  So be sure to come down, up, or around to spend the afternoon with us.

Here is Danny receiving the Missouri Medal of Honor for Journalism.  Other recipients include Winston Churchill, Walter Cronkite, and Christiana Amanpour.

More soon…

— Adam Marelli

Bob Dylan behind the SNCC Office, Greenwood Mississippi. 1963 © Danny Lyon

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