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Finding Calm In Chaos

I am not sure why this did not come to me 

earlier, but Halloween is the perfect time

for a Street Photography Workshop.  Its 

one of the few holidays where everyone 

wants to have their pictures taken.  This 

makes it a perfect time to hit the streets 

and work on spotting great pictures in 

a sea of madness.


What’s the Plan?

This workshop is designed as a two day adventure in New York City.  One day workshops are never enough.  Usually we have so much fun the first day that we want to get together and do it all over again.  In this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn, discuss, review, and shoot to your hearts content.  The goal is to introduce techniques for design and composition which can be found in everyday scenes.  The twist is that New York City will be in rare form.  With the combination of the protests and the natural lunacy of Halloween, New York City will be a prime place for Street Photography.

Join me up at my studio in one of the few industrial sections left in Manhattan.

What’s the Schedule?

Day 001: Sunday October 30th

The workshop will start on Sunday October 30th as any great meeting should start, with a nice cappuccino.  We will gather downtown at one of my favorite cafes so everyone has a chance to meet each other over a finely roasted caffè and a proper pastry.  Then we will head uptown to my studio for a discussion on design and composition.  You will have a chance to explore a number of techniques used by artists and photographers which are rarely discussed in public forums.  We will go through step by step ways in which you can apply these great lessons in design to your photography, regardless of your skill level.

We will spend the afternoon photographing downtown in some of my favorite neighborhoods where there is always something happening.  I will spend time with everyone, so no need to worry about personalized attention.  We will spend time, on the street, scoping out scenes and getting you over the hurdles that stand between you and the next level of Street Photography.

Day 002:  Monday October 31st

On Halloween, we will start the day by reviewing your work from the day before, again with a proper cup of Joe.  Each photographer will be able to ask questions and foster critical conversation so that everyone feels engaged.  A group of like minded peers is one of the best ways to push you to the next level.

Then we will head to the West Village as the afternoon drinking (not us of course) and the festivities begin.  There are no safety nets included.  This will be the real deal, photographing in the crowds, on the corners, and throughout the Village as the city transforms into a wild frenzy of scantily clad, over-served hooligans.  What more could a street photographer ask for?!

What Do You Need?

This is simple, all you need is a camera and a laptop.

Whose Designs Will We Study?

We will take a look at some of the most influential artists and how their designs affected photography.  Many of the famous street photographers were influenced by painters and sculptors.  We will trace those influences back in time to discover how our street photographer heros arrived at their distinct styles.  Each artistic period contributed something to Street Photography and this workshop will connect the dots, so that when you go home, you will be packed with a new stream of artistic inspiration.

  • Cezanne and Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • Rodin and Sebastiao Salgado
  • Caravaggio and Steve McCurry
  • Degas and Constantine Manos

Developing Your Own Portfolio

Whether you are just starting out as a photographer or are a professional who wants to branch into Street Photography, we will discuss your work and help you:

  • Improve your design and composition.
  • Learn how to spot photographs before they happen.
  • Learn how to make the most of available city lights.
  • Develop a solid body of work.
  • Streamline your post production so you spend more time shooting.
  • Understand the theories of value and color to get the most punch out of your camera.
  • Discuss ways to get your work recognized.
  • Understand the Masters of Street Photography (some of which I have been fortunate enough to know personally)
  • Find creative outlets to pay for your next project.
  • And answer the questions that never appear on forums.

What’s The Cost?

The full two day work shop costs $500 which will include breakfast and lunch on both days.

The Bonus Day

The day before the workshop join me on Saturday afternoon.  We will head to some of my favorite galleries and photography book shops.  New York City is my hometown, so you will be in for a totally customized experience.

So you want in…

If you would like to experience New York at its finest hour just shoot me an email to get started.  I will send you an email with all the details.

Looking forward to seeing you in the city!








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  1. Just love your title for this article. Well, halloween is coming and everybody are looking forward to experience trickandtreat. Especially the kids. Those workshops are very helpful too.

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