Oct 042011

My New Case

Today the FedEx lady surprised 

me.  I was not expecting any 

packages today, but much to 

my surprise there was a delivery

from Rome.  It could mean only

one thing…

My new half case arrived ahead of schedule from Luigi Crescenzi. Adam Marelli

Leica M9 Half Case

Last month while in Rome, my girlfriend and I dropped in on Luigi Crescenzi (the story is here).  I had an idea for a custom half case for my M9 and wanted to discuss it in person with Luigi.  Less than one month later, a new Reversed Leather Half Case arrived at my door.  If I could describe my aesthetic preferences I would call them “well worn.”  If its old, looks like it will last a long time, and is well built, chances are I will like it.


The logo is hidden in the thick fuzz of the leather, but over time it will wear down. Adam Marelli

Hand made in Italy. I wish everything read "Hand Made." Adam Marelli

While all of Luigi’s cases are very nice, they were almost too nice for me.  I was looking for something with a softer or rougher feel.  So we settled on a Distressed Green sample, which would be made inside out.  The back side of the leather would be the outside of my case.  Brand new there is a soft fuzzy texture from the leather, which overtime will wear smooth.  I am looking forward to putting a few thousand miles on the case.  Once its seen some sweat and dust, it should start to age nicely.  Here are a few pictures to show you what it looks like brand new.


I opted for the back panel cut out with out the removable piece. Adam Marelli


  • Distressed Green Leather
  • Flag Green Hand Stitching
  • Cut out for Thumbs Up
  • No Removable back panel for screen, (I opted for just the cut out)
  • No tripod thread
  • Shortened Matching Leather Strap (I prefer to have less material on the strap, because I wrap it around my wrist)
  • Red Suede Lining


Here is a view looking down at the grip. It adds a nice balance to the Thumbs-Up. Adam Marelli

Now this may not be everyones cup of tea, but as they say,

“Everyones plate is different at the end of a buffet”


Honestly, I just love the fact that Luigi will indulge our eccentricities.  The advantage of hand made goods is that you can make all kinds of adjustments.

What would your Luigi Dream Case look like?  Gold Thread, Carbon Fiber Weave…go wild.  I would love to hear your thoughts!

What does your dream half case look like? Adam Marelli

 Check out more of Luigi’s Cases at Leicatime


  20 Responses to “Leicatime Half Case”

  1. Hmmm… My dream case would contain helium. I know the M9 a nice small camera but every bit helps. I have my aged brown half case from my M8 days that fit’s the M9, it rides a bit low in the back but it’s ok.

    • Haha helium, yeah its not getting any lighter.

      The link did not work. Give it another go, would love to see the case.

      • Your case must have a nice feel.
        Here is another try at mine:
        a href=”http://www.pbase.com/treacle/image/138583818″ title=”My Leicatime case”

        I would like to participate in your photo workshop but it is right after I return from Vietnam and PhotoPlus weekend but if yo do another I’d like to attend.

  2. Link didn’t work for me either.
    I love your case – it looks rugged. Good for a guy :) Personally I really like the look of the Natural Aged brown. He makes a nice half case with 12mm strap for GF1. Sadly, I never heard back and part of me thinks this is a sign that I am not meant to spend all my gelato $$ on a case. I was hoping to get one while I was there but now I can save my money and get one another time. I have so many things I should get first – the EVF for one. Thanks for your help earlier Adam!

    • Hey Carol,

      Rugged…yes, that is a good way of putting it. The texture has a rugged sort of feel.

      Sorry to hear you did not get a response from Luigi. I hope you have fun in Rome either way (which should be fantastic this time of year.)

      All in due time the universe may line up for your next case. I am seeing a lot of gelato in your near future. Haha.


  3. Looks very interesting. I look forward to seeing how it ages picking up the things it comes in contact with such as skin oil, dirt, and sweat. The aging process can look really good or really bad. I hope for the good.

    • Hey Alan,

      The aging process can be curious. I too hope it ages nicely. In six months I will post an update picture to show everyone how it progresses.

      As of right now the reversed leather grips surprisingly well.


  4. I own two brown aged straps from Luigi, no case (yet). This halfcase is just beautiful.

    • Hey Georg,

      I too started with straps. After a few years of handling the leather, I really wanted the half case. Its good fun.

      Best Adam

  5. beautiful case!!

    • Thanks Daniel,

      And fantastic video. Understated and well done.

      Everyone will enjoy the clip.

      Thanks for passing it along.


  6. Looks beautiful – great style. Enjoy!

    • Hey Penny,

      Thank you, it started to remind me of a camera wrapped in moss. Very earthy. I enjoy it a little more everyday.


  7. Well….. If you like, which you do, you do it…it’s all personal and up to you…

    I personally like a Leica as it is, without all the add-ons, grips, thumbs etc, soft-release button etc
    snakeskin, luigi’s etc

    Never had, never used, of no influence on shooting what so ever, cost too much too, spend the bucks on
    a lens…that one makes the difference..

    But again…If it’s makes you happy

    • Hey Hans,

      Indeed it makes me happy. I found that the M9, with its fatter body and absence of a film rewind level lost much of the ergonomics of the earlier film cameras. The differences are slight, but in the hand it is noticeable.

      If I owned a Leica MP, it would be bare bones. In fact my M6 is bare.

      But the M9, to my hands, benefits from the accessories.

      Leica needs to solve the ergonomics problem on the next camera. The M9 is great, but compared to the MP it feels bubbly.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  8. Hey, Adam, would appreciate if you can give us an update with photos how your luigi case is wearing in…!

    • Hi Bhooshan,

      I would be happy to post some pictures for you. I will snap a few at the studio this week. Surprisingly, after seven months of use it looks a little darker and is slightly worn where I hold the camera. The leather is very durable, so it will take a long time for it to look broken in.

      Luigi uses very high quality leather. I have a strap which I use on my M6 which is now four years old and it has a gorgeous patina on it. Maybe I will snap a shot of that too.


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