Oct 212011

Free Prints for You

Shooting great images is only 

half of the fun.  Its not until we

make a print that we can truly 

appreciate a photograph.



Ilford Sponsorship: Better than Candy

I am very excited to announce an addition to the Halloween Workshop [ NYC ].  Ilford Galerie decided to sponsor the event.  Jonthan Wagner, an Ilford Image Specialists, will join us for the second day of the workshop with a truck full of goodies.  He will have a printer in the studio and a range of Ilford Galerie papers we will be able to use for final prints.

What Does This Mean For You?

In addition to the workshop material (see here for details), where you will learn many of the compositional tools I write about on the site, you will have a chance to make final, exhibition prints to take home with you.  Whether this will be your first time to working with a custom printer or you are just looking to make a few photos to keep your spouse at bay for the holidays, this will be a great opportunity to print your work!

Bored at the Guggenheim. © Adam Marelli

Estimated Value: $240

Included in the Workshop:

  • (2-3) Exhibition Prints in either 8×10 or 11×17 formats
  • Note: regular cost for custom printing, $80 each image (that’s what I pay at my lab)


Framing the Madness

As we get closer to the workshop, things still heating up in New York.  Occupy Wall Street is now a world wide event and a great opportunity to hone your people shooting skills.  When we throw Halloween into the mix, I cannot image a better combination than Protesters in Costume.  We will have historic opportunity to photograph on the streets in NYC.


So when you are ready to sign up shoot me an email at marelli13@gmail.com for the workshop Registration.



Look forward to seeing you soon.




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