Nov 302011
Leica Camera M Calendar 2012

In Collaboration with Magnum Photo   LEICA M-SYSTEM 2012 WALL CALENDAR SHOWCASES WORK OF INTERNATIONAL MAGNUM PHOTOGRAPHERS Solms, Germany (November 30, 2011) - Leica Camera AG, in conjunction with Magnum Photos, presents the Leica M-System wall calendar for 2012. Titled ‘Past. Present. Future.,’ the calendar shares its name with the motto of the partnership between Magnum [more...]

Nov 282011
Halloween Workshop

Light vs Dark This October I hosted the first Halloween Street Photography workshop here in NYC.  The ice storm cleared and the parade went off without a hitch. The costumes were out of this world as thousand of people descended on the West Village.   It went so well that another one is  already scheduled for [more...]

Nov 232011
Surrealist Manifesto: Part I

A Surrealist Photographer [ HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON ] What do the Surrealist Manifesto  and Cartier-Bresson have to do with each other?  After his 1947 show at the Museum of Modern  Art, Robert Capa advised Cartier- Bresson to stop calling himself a Surrealist Photographer.  Years  later Cartier-Bresson agreed  that Capa’s advice was sound.   The Manifesto While [more...]

Nov 072011
Henri Cartier-Bresson Auction

Christie’s: 100 Photographs November 11th, 2011 The holidays are just around the corner, so why not treat yourself to a photograph by Henri Cartier- Bresson?  A slice of Master pie would taste great for the holidays.   What’s For Sale This morning I had a look through the Christies on line catalogue of prints being [more...]

Nov 042011
Danny Lyon

Photographer, Writer, & Bookmaker A photographer with an opinion is a dangerous combination.  It is the fear of any great regime that a single individual has access to the tools of propaganda, which can be used to call attention to the problems hiding under our noses.   Last Minute Change Its always confusing meeting someone [more...]