Dec 252011
Surrealist Manifesto: Part III

[ HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON ] The world we see in advertisements is hardly a reflection of reality. The billboards of our cities are as doctored as Raphael’s School of Athens.  Set against the backdrop of a “perfect world” is an chance for a photographer to play with the contradictions of imagination versus reality.   | WHITE [more...]

Dec 192011
Five Lessons from Bruce Davidson

Talk at Milk Gallery Every picture has a story. These stories remain hidden for years until a voice from behind the lens speaks out.  Bruce spent Saturday evening offering advice to young photographers, while revealing the secrets, mistakes, and lucky encounters he found in New York City.   Know Your Hometown Photographing at home can [more...]

Dec 142011

Hey Everyone, While it must seem like there is a power outage at Adam Marelli Photo, I just wanted to assure you that all is well.  Its been a super busy two weeks.  Between shooting a new project, One-on-One sessions and preparations for next years workshops things have been a touch hectic.   But I [more...]

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Dec 072011
A Night with Bruce Davidson

MILK Gallery Get to know Bruce… This Saturday evening photographer Bruce Davidson will discuss his new book Subway published by Aperture.  The series was started in 1980 here in NYC, back when the subway was a scary no man’s land.  But Bruce has never shied away from a challenge.  His first memorable series was when [more...]

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