Jan 272012
Street Photography Contest, Win $25,000

2012 WORLD OPEN OF PHOTOGRAPHY™ OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES “THE OPEN” AWARDS $50,000 WITH LIVE AND ONLINE COMPETITIONS VANCOUVER, BC CANADA  (January 26, 2012)  The worldwide search for the greatest photographers of our generation has officially begun. ADAM’S THOUGHTS: I had a look at their Street Category and it is currently WEAKER than a hotdog bun soaked it water. [more...]

Jan 242012
How To Photograph A City

Matera Can a city preserve its history without living in the past?  Matera challenges the trends of tourist cities by retaining its local character without compromising its integrity.  | WHO OWNS A CITY | Progress and preservation are in a constant battle.  We love the things of the past, but want the conveniences of the [more...]

Jan 202012
When Titans Collide

McCurry, Kubota, and Scianna What happens when three famous photographers stand in front of the same scene?  Is it possible to determine a winner? | THE GOLDEN TICKET | There are days when we walk outside and know, I mean know in our bones, that a picture is standing in front of us.  Whether these [more...]

Jan 072012
2012, Finally!

Back On Monday Happy New Year everyone.  Three days rest and the jet lag has worn off.  There are a few more espressos between me and normalcy, but I am excited to be back in NYC.  The trip to Matera was a big surprise.  Most of the people I consulted before the trip recommended we [more...]