Feb 242012
Sebastião Salgado

The Visible Photographer | The Curve and the Line | Curve or Line What do you prefer a curve or a line?  Tough question huh?  The curve is filled with life the line with order.  The curve defines the swell of a muscle or the swirl of a wave.  Its unbridled energy excites us as [more...]

Feb 192012
Tête A Tête

E. H. Gombrich Making A Likeness What is the difference between a mug shot and a portrait? Capturing the likeness of a sitter is a skill which continues to captivate an audience. Even though a photograph is taken from reality, it does not  guarantee the portrait will ring the bells of recognition.  — What is [more...]

Feb 102012

We All Make Mistakes | Knight, Pimp & Occasional Painter | Michelangelo Merisi, known to most as Caravaggio, was hardly a man you would want at the dinner table.  Hot tempered, violent and vain were the nicer ways of describing his temperament.  His career should have lasted another forty years, but was cut short in [more...]

Feb 032012
Leica Akademie with Adam Marelli

  | LEICA AKADEMIE | Today I have some very exciting news for everyone.  Leica invited me to be an instructor at the Leica Akademie NYC workshops.  The first Weekend Workshop will be this April 20th-22nd.  Amazingly the workshop has already sold out and Leica is considering adding additional workshops to the 2012 Spring calendar [more...]