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Leica Akademie with Adam Marelli

Image from my series "Il MUSEO". Adam Marelli



Today I have some very exciting news for everyone.  Leica invited me to be an instructor at the Leica Akademie NYC workshops.  The first Weekend Workshop will be this April 20th-22nd.  Amazingly the workshop has already sold out and Leica is considering adding additional workshops to the 2012 Spring calendar here in NYC.  For many of you who have taken the Leica Akademie’s in Miami and Los Angles with my friend and fellow photographer Craig Semetko, you already know how the Leica weekends are.  Craig will actually be in NYC teaching a May workshop too, but spaces going faster than an iPhone in China (please no rioting, there will be workshops for everyone).


| Why A Workshop |

For a long time, I only taught One-on-One private photography class, which are wonderfully rewarding experience, but limited.  The limitation is that I can only work with photographers one at a time.  This year in addition to the Leica Akademie I will be hosting two workshops with Eric Kim (one in NYC & the other in Calcutta India, with Jason Martini too) along with a repeat of the Halloween Workshop in October.  The workshops are an opportunity for us to work on many of the techniques I write about on the site, shoot side by side on my home town of NYC, and most importantly review your images.  We all get deep into our own images, often too deep to gain any perspective.  Whether we are a beginners getting over the technicalities of a camera, a knowledgable but shy street shooter, or a season professional in a rut, we all hit flat spots in our photography.  Workshops are a great way to get out of your funk.  I like to help photographers by exposing them to different approaches and sourcing new material to fuel their inspirational juices.  I would like to thank Justin Stailey for the invitation to teach at the workshops.

I look forward to seeing you ALL there!

Best-Adam Marelli

  8 Responses to “Leica Akademie with Adam Marelli”

  1. Congratulations Adam!
    You deserve to be an instructor. I always come to your site with anticipation to find a new entry, and I always learn something new.
    Don’t forget to post about this very exiting event please.
    I will be in NY over Dec, maybe we can walk the street together, searching for that HCB moment!


    • Thanks Danni,

      It should be a great experience. I am looking forward to the workshops. Let me know if you come through NYC in December. I have a workshop in Calcutta, so I will be gone for the first half of the month, but the timing might work out for later in the month.


  2. That is great news. By the way I should be in town the week before. Will hook up.

    • Thanks Thorsten!

      Excellent timing, I look forward to catching up. Congratulations on your upcoming exhibition too.

      Looking forward to seeing the images.


  3. Fantastic Adam.

    • Thanks Cody,
      I am looking forward to the workshops, they should be a good time.
      Leica might offer a few more dates because everything sold out and there is a sizable wait list.

  4. The Leica Akademie session would be incredible. I’ve learned a great amount from your website, but know I could learn much more in person. The other workshops would also make sense, but only if you were the sole instructor. That way, the instruction would be topnotch!

    • Hey Ramosa,
      This year I will be hosting a few workshops with Eric Kim, but I promise you will get all the attention you need with me. I make it a point that everyone is fully satisfied with the workshops. By the end, their heads are usually spinning with information. Where are you located and I can let you know if I will be hosting a workshop in your area.

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