Mar 312012
Jean-Francois Millet

The Peasant Painter Can you remember the first  time you saw a National Geographic?  The exotic landscapes and strange peasants have tickled our imaginations  for decades.  But where did the  interest in peasants find its roots?   Thousands of miles from home Whenever I start working with someone for the first time, I always ask [more...]

Mar 192012
John Singer Sargent

The Origins of Street Photography What exactly is street photography and when did it begin?  Was it the 1950’s or  was it the 1930’s?  Did it have anything to do with the  invention of the 35mm?  The roots of street photography extend  back the 1400’s when painters became interested in daily scenes.  Lets have a [more...]

Mar 162012
Thomas Hoepker Book Signing

Anastasia Photo Gallery (NYC) Tuesday, March 27th From Anastasia Photo: Today marks the 70th Birthday of one of America’s icons, Muhammad Ali. Thomas Hoepker photographed Ali throughout his career both in and out of the ring capturing some of the most iconic photographs of the champ. Many of these photographs can now be found, some published for [more...]

Mar 072012
The Surrealist Manifesto: Part VI

Henri Cartier-Bresson There were many games that Cartier-Bresson played with his photographs.  The anarchist in him liked to test the limits of a photograph. When he butts up against those limitations he uses the 2D effects of the picture plane to his advantage.  Lets look at how and why he does this. Outside of the [more...]

Mar 052012
Back on Tuesday

Man Over Board The last two weeks felt like a blur.  Up and down have traded themselves for left and right.  Day to day life has been nothing short of an MC Esher drawing.  But the sky is clearing and I will be back tomorrow with the Part VI of the Surrealist Manifesto, followed by [more...]