Mar 162012

Anastasia Photo Gallery (NYC)

Tuesday, March 27th

The cover shot from Thomas Hoepker's new book Champ.

From Anastasia Photo:

Today marks the 70th Birthday of one of America’s icons, Muhammad Ali. Thomas Hoepker photographed Ali throughout his career both in and out of the ring capturing some of the most iconic photographs of the champ. Many of these photographs can now be found, some published for the first time, in a beautiful new book, “Champ”, Muhammad Ali, photographed by Thomas Hoepker.  Anastasia Photo will be hosting a book signing with Thomas Hoepker on Tuesday, March 27.

For more information visit Anastasia Photo’s Blog.

My Feelings on Book Signings

Book signings can be a great place to have a real conversation with a photographer you admire.  They can also be an absolute mob scene, where you get a quick “Hi, thanks for buying my book” and then you are shuffled with the rest of the cattle to the drinks table.  It all depends, but like the lottery, you have to play to win.  In most cases photographers are not celebrities.  They are genuinely happy that a fan base attends their events.  They are more than willing to have a quick chat and give you some of their time.  I don’t know Thomas personally, so you will have to let me know how the evening turns out.  Hope everyone has a great time.

And when you are finished, try and grab a table at Enoteca for a glass of wine and some delicious Italian food.  The wait can be long, so it might not be a bad idea to drop your name before you go to the signing.


Adam Marelli 

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