Apr 252012

Texas Prison. © Danny Lyon

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For those of you who read the site, you know we spend most of our time discussing design, art history, and travel.  But every now and again, I like to open the discussion.  Photographers are often politically engaged, not afraid to voice their opinions, and bring a first hand perspective to the discussion.  Danny Lyon shows us how its done.  He is at the forefront on the discussions of Civil Rights, the American Prison System, and Immigration.  His work and commentary have been a part of the conversation for over forty years.  Younger photographers should take note of Danny’s experience and his excellent writing skills.  

This month Danny wrote an intense entry on the issues of Immigration as he sees them from his home in Arizona.

“The question of immigration is not a

legal question. It is a moral and ethical

question. “The Law is an Ass” Cicero

wrote 2000 years ago.That does not mean

that I am an anarchist. It means that the

law must take into account mitigating and

human factors in every case.”

Read the entire essay on Danny Lyon’s Blog.


Adam Marelli 

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  1. Other than essays, it would be good to know whether Danny has also done some photo documentary work. His excellent writing skills and photography skills would come quite in handy for such kind of work.

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