May 312012
NYC Summer Streets

SWEAT When the temperature reaches eighty degrees, most New Yorkers flock to the beach.  Left behind, are the hot and dedicated few who will endure a New York Summer. THE WEATHER Many cities are famous for their weather.  London has its rain and fog, Chicago has its wind and New York has its Extremes.  The [more...]

May 202012
Alphonse Mucha

Visual DNA Gaining perspective on our own work is a challenge.  The two hardest questions for any artist to answer are “What are you doing?” and “Why are you doing it?”  In times of trouble we can look at older artists for their advice.   Looking for Answers Last Thursday I was digging through Myron [more...]

May 152012
Italy Workshop Announcement

Introduction to Design/Composition in Street Photography Workshop Venice & Verona ( ITALY )   A Secret Tradition Come explore the sun drenched side streets of Venice & Verona in a truly unique photography workshop.  We will retrace the footsteps of the “Grand Tour” which was the foundation for any serious artist in the last three [more...]

May 112012
Leica M-Monochrom

Masterpiece or Mistake The Big Announcement Leica finally made their announcements and in the wake of hysteria, the crowds are already protesting.  A BW only camera?  Why would a company go through all the technical hoops of releasing a camera that has one primary function?  See what Forbes Magazine things of the Leica Monochrom. The [more...]

May 022012
Henri Cartier-Bresson vs Ferdinando Scianna

Copying is not Enough An appretice’s life in a studio meant copying the work of  a master artist.  But copying alone does not guarantee an understanding of design.  We need to bring “information to bear” as we organize the  chaos of life into a successful image.    Art versus Xerox In the 1500’s, when a [more...]