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The Sac Plombier all packed up by Joey Pasco.

After I released the article on the Le Bleu Chauffe “Sac Plombier” leather bag, I received a comment from one of my readers.  He said that he used the leather satchel as a side bag for his Leica gear and Sekonic light meter.  He was nice enough to send us a few pictures to illustrate how well the bag works.

As suspected the bag is JUST big enough for an M6, which means that it will be too tight for anyone using the Soft Release buttons.  The bag will cause the shutter to depress every time the camera goes into the bag.  It does not seem like it would be an issues with a thumbs up.

Photographer Joey Pasco, who submitted the pictures gave me a run down of the bag contents just to give a sense of his daily needs.  I tend to prefer the ultra-trimmed down load that he runs on, which is why I thought the Sac Plombier would make a great bag.

What Does Joey Carry:

  • Leica M6 TTL x.72 w/ Summicron 50mm
  • 1 spare roll of Tri-X (doubles as support for the lens inside the bag)
  • Sekonic L-308S light meter 
  • Kindle
  • Small black velvet bag for phone chargers/miscellaneous
  • Lens cloths
  • Small tan change purse that I use as a case for my earbuds

Additionally, its fantastic to see how the bag wears in over time.  There is nothing more beautiful than well worn leather.

And if you would like to see what Joey does when the camera is out of the bag, have a look at his website:


The interior with two internal pockets. Surely enough to keep the little goods from getting lost.

An image with the M6 just to give you a sense of scale. The bag is small enough without looking like a woman's purse.

I like that the bag has a leather snap to keep it from flopping open as you dig for a pen.

A final shot of a bag Sherlock Holmes would have been proud to carry.



  9 Responses to “Joey Pasco’s Sac Plombier Louise”

  1. Thanks again, Adam!

    I just wanted to mention that I actually do use a soft release (a Match Technical “Boop”…it’s black so it doesn’t stand out so much in the photos). I just have to remember to set my shutter speed on my M6 to the off position (and be sure not to have the shutter cocked, of course). The fit isn’t so tight and leather is pretty supple, so as long as I’m careful I’ve been able to avoid any unintentional firing of the shutter. So far so good!


  2. Hey Joey,

    Thanks for clearing that one up. I have had bad luck with those buttons draining the batteries in the past. One time I took 800 blank photos when I put the M9 in a bag without turning it off. Oops.


  3. I’ve been looking for a leather bag for a while, especially since my Artisan and Artist metal hardware
    gave out. The problem is finding the correct size, they are either to small or to big. So I thought, this looks like the the perfect bag. I was a little worried that it would be a little tight for the M9. The website gives the measurement at 30cm x18cm x7.5cm. With 7.5cm as the opening and the M9 measuring about 8cm-but the opening on my Sac Plombier is about 10cm. The construction is top quality and I can’t see it wearing out for a very long time and if anything ever did, a trip to a cobbler would do the job. One small difference is that they must have changed the design slightly from the photos at their website. The interior pocket is now one long pocket with a zipper not the two individual pockets like the photo. Now I just need to get this bag a little dirty and break it in.


    • Hey Andrew,

      Really happy to hear that you picked up a bag and love it. I bet after it breaks in some more, it will be at your side for a very long time. They look brilliant. Where did you pick yours up?

      And thanks for letting us know that it actually finishes out a touch bigger than they suggest in the dimensions.
      It is a welcome improvement for sure.

      Will I see the bag when you are in NYC?


  4. Hey Adam,

    Great post as usual. I was really looking for a bag that I can take to work and my carry my Fuji X-Pro1. I think this bag can be a great choice. Thank you.

    Sorry couldn’t catch up with you when I was in NY in May, was attending a friend’s wedding and really get time to do anything else.

    Hope all is well at your end.


    • Hey Souvik,

      Sorry we could not catch up in May. I assumed things got busy with the wedding. It happens with those things.

      It sounds to me like people are really enjoying the bags. Let me know if you pick one up.


  5. Looks like a perfect bag. Just the right size and it looks good as well. Any idea where I can buy this bag in the United States or through a retailer that will ship to the U.S.?



    • Hey Paul,

      One of the NYC workshop attendees (Andrew, who commented above) ordered the bag from them. He loves it. And I can attest its beautiful. In reality it is a bit wider than they said, so the camera body of an M9 fits really easily.

      I would email the company directly. Not sure where Andrew picked it up. I think he ordered it from them.


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