Jul 242012

STEVE McCURRY Pirelli Calendar (This post contains nudity) [ RIO DE JANEIRO] Every year the Pirelli Calendar combines offers one photographer the chance to  showcase their distinct style.  The muses are some of the worlds top models who  spend most of their time artfully cover up their most intimate areas. This year Magnum & National [more...]

Jul 182012
Grant Application

Ok so not every post has to be a serious discussion about the value of design and the lessons we can learn from master artists.  Today, things are on a less serious note.   Headed off to the studio to finish up a grant application.  BUT…I would rather be hanging out like a puppy, without [more...]

Jul 022012
Ellsworth Kelly on Cezanne & Van Gogh

Light and Dark Rhythm —Cezanne and Van Gogh The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) approach to exhibitions has changed.  They introduced a small collection of videos where the featured artist discusses works that are important to them.  In this case, we are looking at Ellsworth Kelly where he talks about Cezanne’s use of light and [more...]