Jul 022012

Light and Dark Rhythm

—Cezanne and Van Gogh

Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert Paul Cézanne

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) approach to exhibitions has changed.  They introduced a small collection of videos where the featured artist discusses works that are important to them.  In this case, we are looking at Ellsworth Kelly where he talks about Cezanne’s use of light and dark.  Its incredibly useful to understand how master artists see other artists.  Enjoy this short video and listen carefully to what Ellsworth is trying to tell us.

Madame Joseph-Michel Ginoux by Vincent Van Gogh

He also tells us that Van Gogh is teaching us “How to make a Portrait.”  Who would not want a portrait lesson from Van Gogh himself?  Turns out the lessons is hanging on the wall of the Met, except the little card next to the painting doesn’t tell us what the painting is really up to.


Adam Marelli


  2 Responses to “Ellsworth Kelly on Cezanne & Van Gogh”

  1. Hi Adam,
    I like the first painting so much it makes me believe that I could paint. That’s the simplicity of the painting.


    • Hey Mo,
      That is the mark of a really good painter. They make the image look like it was effortless.
      Good luck with the paint brush. : )

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