Jul 182012

Puppies in Formation. © Adam Marelli

Ok so not every post has to be a serious discussion about the value of design and the lessons we can learn from master artists.  Today, things are on a less serious note.  

Headed off to the studio to finish up a grant application.  BUT…I would rather be hanging out like a puppy, without a care in the world.  

Maybe tomorrow. 

How are you doing today?



  9 Responses to “Grant Application”

  1. Hahaha…agreed. Have a great day :) ))

  2. Good luck with that grant application!

    • Thank you Johan,

      The application made it in…now we just wait until March when the winner is announced.


  3. Good luck with the application. And by the way are these puppies bulldogs?

    • Thanks for the good wishes Emma,

      I think they were baby french bulldogs, but then again…its not my realm of expertise.


  4. Haha,
    I’m waiting for your serious sharing about grant opportunity.

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