Aug 282012
Leica Promotions

LEICA CAMERA   ANNOUNCES PROMOTIONS James Wagner Appointed National Sales Manager, Corporate Retail & Eberhard Kuehne Appointed National Sales Manager, S-System My personal note: For all of the grief that Leica gets from the photo community, one thing I can say is that I have really enjoyed my friendships with some of the members of [more...]

Aug 232012
Leica Akademie October (SOLD OUT)

Leica Akademie with Adam Marelli  Halloween [ NYC ]   “Top of House” Join me in October… This year I will be hosting the Leica Akademie Workshop with Justin Stailey in October.  I have really enjoyed these workshops with Justin and its great to meet a likeminded group of photographers for an exciting holiday in [more...]

Aug 142012

Venice Preparation Watermark | JOSEPH BRODSKY | The reflections of Nobel  Prize winning author Joseph Brodsky capture the mixture of emotions that any outsider  feels when they come to Venice. Caught between fascination and  alienation, Venice is a city that  continues to baffle us and seduce our senses.       Preparation for Venice My [more...]

Aug 102012
Leica M10

Leica M10 Potential Hits & Misses [ SOLMS ] The rumors are already flying around the internet.  With whispers that Leica is releasing a follow up to the M9.  Will Leica cave to  market pressure or serve their  faithful client base when they release the follow up to their  most successful camera ever.    What [more...]

Aug 092012
This is why your pictures suck

Article originally posted on The Candid Frame Reading facebook this morning, I saw a re-post by Eric Kim and got a huge kick out of the story.  The moral of the story is we need to be honest with ourselves, stop obsessing over “the next camera or lens”, and devote time to photography not [more...]

Aug 072012
From the Front with Robert Capa

See into the Future Running in Traffic [ WAR & TRAFFIC ] When a photographer can  see a photo before it happens  the final image breathes with life. A quick change in your step  can mean the difference between  a picture that works or the one  that got away.    Face Front The split second [more...]

Aug 062012
No One Uses Blurry Photos

NY Times [MYANMAR] If you spend enough time on forums, the criticism of  blurry Leica pictures will always come up.  As the debate goes, no one will publish an out of focus picture.  Is this really true?   Saturday Morning This weekend, as I left the house, my eye caught a copy of the NY [more...]