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James Wagner Appointed National Sales Manager, Corporate Retail &
Eberhard Kuehne Appointed National Sales Manager, S-System

My personal note:

For all of the grief that Leica gets from the photo community, one thing I can say is that I have really enjoyed my friendships with some of the members of the Leica team.  I would like everyone to give a little pat on the shoulder to Jim Wagner and Ebi Kuhne for their recent promotions.  If you have not met them yet, just stop by one of the photo expos in either NYC or Cologne.  They work tirelessly answering our questions, doubts, and prayers about all things Leica.

Jim Wagner at PDN’s Photo Expo. © Adam Marelli
Taken with a Leica M9 & 50mm M-Summicron f/2.0

[  M - S y s t e m  ]

First I would like to say congratulations to Jim Wagner for his promotion.  Jim and I share a mutual love of all things relating to the painter John Singer and artistic composition.  He invited me to give a talk at B+H Photo with a NY Times photographer Robert Caplin tomorrow.  I really enjoy Jim’s artistic interests and how he makes a deliberate effort to open up the discussion of Leica cameras beyond the gear.  We all know that Leica’s have a rich artistic history, which is sometimes lost in forums on ISO, wide apertures, and chromatic aberration.  But all of that technical stuff aside, Jim does a great job of exposing what a Leica can do outside of a laboratory.

Ebi Kuehne at PDN’s Photo Expo. © Adam Marelli
Taken with a Leica M9 & 50mm M-Summicron f/2.0

[  S - S y s t e m  ]

And for the S-System, lets give a round of applause to Ebi Kuehne.  When I first met Ebi a few years back, in NYC, I was amazed that almost his entire working career was spent with Leica.  Growing up, I hardly kept a job for more than a summer.  I cant imagine being an 18 year old working at the Leica factory.  Ebi’s example reverses the trend  that company loyalty is a dying tradition.  Its nice to still meet someone in an organization where both are loyal to each other.  Ebi got his start in Leica (if I remember correctly) in the microscope division and slowly migrated over the the camera side of company.  While I won’t tell you exactly how long he as been at Leica, I can say that he has a tremendous amount of accumulated knowledge and I am happy to see his years of dedication rewarded with this promotion.


Allendale, NJ (August 28, 2012) – Leica Camera Inc., announced today the promotion of James Wagner to National Sales Manager, Corporate Retail and Eberhard “Ebi” Kuehne to National Sales Manager, S-System, effective immediately. Mr. Wagner had previously served as National Sales Manager, S-System since 2010. In addition to his new role, Mr. Kuehne continues his work as Regional Sales Manager, Southern Californian & Hawaiian Markets, a position he has held since 2003. The announcement was made by Roger Horn, President of Leica Camera Inc., the American division of the legendary camera and sport optics brand headquartered in Solms, Germany.

In his new role as National Sales Manager, Corporate Retail, Mr. Wagner oversees the management and development of sales activities for Leica Stores and Boutiques as the network expands throughout the Americas, charged with creating a visceral experience to all visitors of these lifestyle destinations. In addition, Mr. Wagner supports the Leica Camera marketing team to implement strategies and policies at the retail level, while also directing the technical and sales training of store associates.

Mr. Kuehne’s chief responsibilities as National Sales Manager, S-System, lie in the sales and marketing initiatives for the Leica S Product Line, Leica Camera’s supremely professional camera system. In addition, Mr. Kuehne interfaces with professional photographers, providing specialized demonstrations, consultations and support for system users.

“We are pleased to announce the expanded roles being taken on by these dedicated individuals, long-time employees and revered members of the ‘Leica family’,” said Mr. Horn. “James and Ebi remain an integral part of the Leica Camera experience, bringing to life the brand’s rich heritage and stirring inspiration and creativity in customers as well as fellow Leica employees. We look forward to their continued success in our collective future.”

Mr. Wagner joined Leica Camera in 1995 as a District Sales Manager for the New York / New Jersey market. He has held a number of diverse roles including Director of Special Markets and Eastern Regional Sales Manager. Through his tenure at Leica Camera, Mr. Wagner has worked fastidiously in order to develop and manage not only major photographic accounts in the New York area but also nationally, contributing to the overall growth of business throughout the United States.

Mr. Kuehne has been with Leica Camera for nearly half a century and is a second generation lifetime Leica employee. At Leica Headquarters in Germany, he previously served as an Export Manager for various markets including Asia and the Pacific Rim as well as North America. Having begun at the company as an apprentice training for Technical Sales in 1965, Mr. Kuehne has also worked as Manager of the Leica Akademie (Germany) and spent seven years as the Regional Sales Manager for the Leica Microscope and Photographic Division in Canada.


–Adam Marelli 

  5 Responses to “Leica Promotions”

  1. I’ve met Ebi once a little over a year ago. Hell of a nice guy. He told me a great story about meeting Cartier-Bresson. Nice to one of the good guys getting a promotion.

    • Thats awesome Rob.

      Both him and Jim are fantastic guys, who are incredibly generous with their time.

      What was the HCB story, if you dont mind me asking?


  2. Yes Rob, please tell, – a HCB story is not something to keep to yourself, no matter how small it might seem :)

  3. Hi Adam. How was your talk at B+H? I just discovered their youtube channel with all sorts of great seminars. Do you know if yours was filmed and if it’ll be appearing there? I would love to see it. Thanks.

    • Hey Julian,

      The talk went really well. They invited me to do my own 2 hour lecture on design in November. If you are around it would be great to see you there.

      Since I talk about a lot of current photographers, there are all types of presentation copyrights to address. BH did not video my portion for that reason.


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