Sep 292012
Alex Webb & M. C. Escher

Alex Webb & M.C. Escher Masters of Confusion [ UNDERSTANDING THE MODULE ] The secret to becoming a Master is making things which are very  difficult look easy.  Escher is the  grandfather of perfectly organized  chaos.  Inside his maze of stairs or  tangled lizards lie important lessons on how to take the chaos of life [more...]

Sep 202012
Seduced by Italy

I had grand plans for email updates, comments on the M announcement and two new articles on Alex Webb and Cartier-Bresson, but I just have not had the time to sit down at the computer. Worse things could be possible right? The workshop has been going brilliantly, we landed in Verona yesterday and are off [more...]

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Sep 102012

Hey Everyone, We arrived in Italy without any problem, in spite of the Lufthansa strike.  I have a bunch of new updates that will be going up over the next few days.  The NYC workshop was a wonderful success.  We had an excellent group of photographers and the weather worked out perfectly.  I am in [more...]