Sep 102012

Piazzetta at Santa Maria del Rosario in Venice Italy. Piazzetta shows us what can be done with a Root 4.

Hey Everyone,

We arrived in Italy without any problem, in spite of the Lufthansa strike.  I have a bunch of new updates that will be going up over the next few days.  The NYC workshop was a wonderful success.  We had an excellent group of photographers and the weather worked out perfectly.  I am in Venice now, getting ready for the Venice and Verona workshop, which is fixing to be fantastic.

Yesterday I had the supreme pleasure of seeing a Piazzetta painting at the Santa Maria del Rosario on the Zattere side of Dursoduro.  When you look at the twisting bodies, its incredible to see the roots of Street Photography in the activity of an artist from the 1700′s.  Today I need to run an errand in Lucca, but there will be a few updates from the train.

Until then, I hope you are all doing well and I cant wait to share some of the adventures with you.


–Adam Marelli

ps I finally have an editor for the website.  He is going through the site from the very beginning, so that you will be able to read the content free from my terrible spelling and typos!

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  1. Welcome back to Italy (and Tuscany!), Adam.
    I wish you have good times!

    • Grazie Francesco,

      Its great to be back. So far we are having an incredible time and we had the good fortune of a night in Lucca. What a delightful little city.

      A dopo-Adamo

  2. Servus Adam,

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog.
    I haven’t found any other blog, describing composition in such clear way.

    As I watched the root-4 decomposition of the picture above, I’m just wondering why the artist has choosen it?

    Was it just conventionally at this time or for this kind of painting?
    Or was he aware that the this composition supports the “message” of the painting?

    • Hi Bernard,

      Thank you for the kind words on the blog. One of my reasons for starting it was because, like you, I could not find any good resources for design and composition on the net. The knowledge is mostly locked up in artists studios, never to see the light of day.

      As for the painting, all master artists used design systems. It would be like asking a musician why they wrote music on a sheet? Everything has a structure. It is buried under the surface because artists and the painting guilds harbored two major fears. One, they were afraid people who they did not train would steal their ideas and become successful. Professional jealousy surely extends beyond artists, but if you were an artists from a few hundred years ago who decided to publish the secrets…the guild would have definitely kicked them out.

      Secondly, non-artists make the mistake of assuming that if a design idiom like a Root 4 is used, then its a bit of a one trick pony. Artists did not want their work to be marginalized as a gimmick.

      So why would I write about them? Well after a few hundred years of guarded lessons and failing guilds the tradition is running the risk of being lost. The proverbial “cat” needs to be out of the bag. We have seen the master/apprentice system nearly die out. The irony is that the master’s greatest strengths are also the same things responsible for their demise. It would be a great shame to loose all of the information.

      In Piazzetta’s work the Root 4 can be broken into two squares. Many religious works make use of the square which comes in the form of the Root Phi, the Phi and the rebated square of the 1.5.


  3. Hi. We exchanged a message I think a couple of months ago :)
    I’m Agostino from Venice.
    I always looked around if I saw your group here in Venice but I wasn’t lucky :) But I have to say that I didnt’ move around a lot since right on 19th Sept I had 2 exams at the Academy…
    Anyway I hope you enjoyed your stay, it’s so full of tourists and interesting stuffs that surely you took some awesome photos! Wishing to see them!

    • Hey Agoistino,

      Sorry we did not cross paths. Hope the exams went well. Are you at Ca’ Foscari?

      We had a fantastic time, your city is one of my favorites in the world. Outside of the tourist non-sense, Venice is truly a unique place. We spent our time in the quieter areas.

      There will be some photos up soon!

      Restiamo in contatto.


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