Nov 272012
Scott's Antarctic Expedition

Mare di Carta Maritime Bookshop Venice [ I T A L Y ] Discovery is one of the most rewarding aspects of travel.  Whether you find a local  wateringhole or a unique shop,  usually the best things any city has to offer are not  available for export.     Curators Matter Does everyone remember when [more...]

Nov 212012
Rome: The Photography Workshop

Rome: The Photography Workshop Caravaggio’s Window The holiday season is just  around corner and what better way to get out of the house  test out all of your new gear than a photography workshop in Rome.     Before it was called Street Photography… In the 16th century Michelangelo Merisi, later known as Caravaggio, pioneered [more...]

Nov 152012
Brief Encounters: Gregory Crewdson

Brief Encounters: Gregory Crewdson –Its all in the Details Photography is renown for its spontaneity and ability to capture  a fleeting moment.  In the race  to the finish line, many photographers forget that the little details matter.  Follow Gregory Crewdson as he  shows us how attention to detail  can transform the most ordinary  scene into [more...]

Nov 062012
Editor Announcement

Editor Announcement Ed Winters [ HOUSE KEEPING ] A few months ago a reader of the website contacted me and offered to tidy up the  mistakes and typos.  He has done  a fantastic job and I would like to share the results with you.  The Importance of an Editor As most of you know, I [more...]

Nov 052012
Calcutta: The Workshop

Join Eric Kim and Adam Marelli… Street Photography Workshop: Introduction to Design/Composition Calcutta [INDIA] – December 10th-14th Eric’s Note: I am excited to announce that I will be teaching another unique 5-day workshop in Calcutta, India with NYC photographer and master composition teacher Adam Marelli. Adam Marelli has a keen eye for design, composition, and [more...]