Feb 152013

ADAM MARELLI “Lost Ceremony”


New York City

Adam Marelli exhibition Lost Ceremony

Adam Marelli exhibition Lost Ceremony at the Impossible Project NYC.

“Lost Ceremony” Features

The Standard Edition [ U S A ]: http://thestandardedition.com/2013/03/06/lost-ceremony/

The 189 [ E N G L A N D ]: http://the189.com/photography/lost-ceremony-ghosts-in-the-workshop-by-adam-marelli/

Exhibition Announcement

“Lost Ceremony” is part of Adam Marelli’s multi year study on the uncertain future of ancient traditions. Personally fascinated by the philosophy behind Japanese crafts, Marelli sought to combine his experience as a builder with his artistic training to reveal the shy personalities that normally remain inside of their workshops. The misty images hint at the delicate balance needed for these studios to survive as they contend with an ever expanding global market obsessed with novelty.


Personal Note

I would love to see you guys at the opening.  As an added touch, tea master Yasuko Hara will be preparing a tea tasting from 6:30-7:00pm and Shushinkan Brewery in Kobe will be serving some of the sake from the project at the opening.  I wanted to give everyone a taste of the project beyond the images.

Looking forward to seeing you there.  Please be sure to RSVP to the Impossible Project, so we can accomodate everyone!



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  1. Hi Adam,

    all the best for your exhibition. Sounds like a great event, tackling all senses!

    Maybe there is a chance to see the exhibition some day in Europe.



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