Feb 152013

Bridging The Gap

Classical Art Designed for Photographers

B&H Photo Event Space


Bridging the Gap B&H Photo presentation by Adam Marelli

Bridging the Gap B&H Photo presentation by Adam Marelli


For those of you who were not able to make the event, B&H Photo has published the lecture I gave at the event space.  It will serve as a great foundation for anyone adding my workshops or those who are just looking for a new approach to their photography.  There is a wide world of resources hiding inside of every museum across the world.  Its time we crack it wide open.

The Workshop Adam Marelli Photography Workshops

  30 Responses to “Bridging the Gap: Adam Marelli at B&H Photo”

  1. Nice video and talk with a good adaptation of Barnstone Studios art lessons for photogs.

    • Thank you Sergey,

      Join me in wishing Myron a happy 80th Birthday today!


      • Great! He does not look a day over 50.

      • Happy 80th Birthday Myron!

        Adam, I subscribe to the B&H youtube channel and was blown away when I watched this video.

        I have subsequently read most of your articles and missed my train station a couple of times in the process.

        Thank you for improving my and my friend’s photos already!

  2. Hi Paul,

    I am flattered to hear that you missed a few trains. It happens to me on a regular basis.

    One of the things that pleases me the most is knowing that by giving you a small foundation of examples, you can start to see how vast the application of design is in art and NOW your photography.

    Keep in touch.

    Best Adam

  3. Adam, I am sitting in Newark waiting for my flight back to Florida from Iceland. Your video is informative and I learned something. Well done and keep up the good work. I only regret I wasn’t there in person. You have a talent at simplying and clearly stating fairly complex concepts. Be well. pb

  4. Halo Adam,

    I thought you must be really old to know all these stuffs in your blog, I thought you’re the one in the right side banner, until I saw this generous video :=)

    I like the way you teach and curate photo, I like the articles you wrote in your blog, you really spare a lot time and effort in order to share your knowledge, I really like your works and thanks for sharing to everybody.

    Please come closer to Asia, Tokyo is still far away from us in Indonesia, we have many cities will attract your attention.


    chandra chan (balikpapan, Indonesia)

  5. Hi Adam,

    I’ve watched the presentation 2 times and really like the content, but I also dig your style of presenting. Quite cool and clear.
    I’m wondering though, what happened to the bit where you started talking about the ‘gesture of the leg’ of the ‘mirror woman’. Was there heavy cursing or a streaker? :-)

    Thanks for all the informative content!

    • Hi Marcel,

      Thank you so much for the kind words on the presentation and glad to hear you are watching it more than once. Its a lot of information to absorb in one sitting. Probably better to take it in over time.

      As for the streaking, it might be a glitch. I dont believe there was any cursing. BH warned me about that in advance and I think, though I am not positive, that I refrained from my normal cursing.

      I will let them know and see if there is something up.


  6. Hey Adam,
    Thanks much for the lecture and the video. I have watched it a couple of times so far and I’ll probably continue to watch it as I begin to apply the concepts to my street work. It is very helpful to understand why certain shots work and those that don’t. As you said there seems to be a spike in people that are attempting street work. Anybody with a cell phone or a point and shoot camera thinks they are the next HCB flooding the internet with snapshots not photographs.
    Thanks again,

  7. Hi Adam
    i’m following you on FB and here
    my daugther and i like the content of the video
    i like also the pics you shoot in italy
    do you know when you come here the next time? would be nice meet you here in Milan
    un grosso ciao ;-)

  8. Adam,

    Wonderful B&H presentation! I watched it over three or four sittings because the content was so engrossing I needed to digest it. The style and manner which you delivered the material were great, the side by side images was really helpful.

    The artistic elements and how they work in photography will really be helpful to me as I learn the craft. There are places I want to photograph but have struggled to get the pictures to show what I see and what I learned here is going to really help that.

    Any USA workshop dates in the future? Another post somewhere you responded that 1:1 was an option. How do we find out more about that?


  9. Hey Adam,

    Thank you so much for your incredible informative and intuitive remarks throught out… well throughout your entire blog honestly! Ive never attended any artschool, yet 7 years ago I have fallen in love with photography. Im lucky to be living in China now, and I feel your lessons have helped me so much into making sense of this bussling place from a photographic point of view.

    Looking forward to a workshop in the south of China ;)

    Cheers, and keep up the good work!


    • Hi Merjin,

      Nice to see you have a growing love of photography. And also happy to hear that the video is serving as a good resource.

      At the moment, I believe Thailand is the closest workshop to China for 2014. Drop us an email if that works for you.

      Otherwise, stay tuned to the site for more updates.


  10. Just discovered your amazing video on composition in photography. I am not a photographer, per se, I take shots to support my art practice, and photos of my paintings for display.

    your art school cred is abundantly clear. I think yours is the best conversation on values and composition I have heard and that is after 30 years of painting, classes, and being part way through an MFA.

    Well done.

    Your photograph of the church on a hill with the c shaped curve of blue sky and golden lit spire just blew me away.

    beautiful! You have the gift, it is patience. Good things (shots) come to him who waits.

    mac johnson

  11. Hi Mac,

    I am traveling at the moment through Italy, but I will get back to you shortly. Thanks for your patience.


  12. Hi Mac,

    Photography started for me in the same way. The camera was a note taking device for art. After enough time it grew its own legs. Its been a great pleasure to share some of the concepts of art with the photography community.

    Normally the two do not mix. The photo world tends to be gear obsessed and the art world is theory obsessed. They are two extremes that could use a little balancing. I would love to see photographers think more about the image, rather than the equipment and for the artists to not be afraid of actually MAKING something. The aversion to craft is absurd. its all a delicate balancing act.

    I will be giving another talk at BH Photo soon if you are in the area.



  13. Hi Adam,

    I have watched 2 videos of yours. Both are great in information about art and painting… I am now so motivated to go to a museum and see those details and structures. Also motivated to pre-visualise and shoot.
    Thanks for your info and sharing

    From Melbourne, Australia,


    • Dear Pepe,
      Thank you for watching and sharing the videos. Glad they were useful to you and hopefully some of your photography friends.
      Be well-Adam

  14. I like it when individuals come together and share ideas.
    Great website, continue the good work!

  15. Hello from Brazil,
    I wachted your presentation and it was very good and well prepared.

  16. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for this video.
    I found it immensely useful – it formalised a lot of what I sort of felt but didn’t know.

    • Hi Adam,
      Thanks for this video.
      I found it immensely useful – it formalised a lot of what I sort of felt but didn’t know.
      Somehow my comment only got half submitted – I think my browser and I got confused – so here’s the rest of it:
      It’s very obvious you “know your product” and your presentation was great – interesting and easily digestible.
      This is one of the best online photography videos I have seen.
      The technical side is so over emphasised by most online writers and presenters, which makes this presentation all the more valuable.
      So deep and genuine thanks to you (and B&H).


  17. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for this video. I found it really useful and eye opening.
    I sort of suspected – maybe knew in my gut – that these concepts existed, but I didn’t know them.
    It’s obvious you “know your product” and I’d say this has to be some of the best material I’ve found on composition that I have found the web.
    So thank you (and B&H).
    Very appreciated.

    • Hi Jason,

      Glad that the ideas finally have names and terms. It will become very rewarding when you can navigate both the images and the language together.

      Pleased that it worked for you!


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