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Las Vegas

Here is a shot of our SXSW V2V panel with Adam Marelli, Jey Van Sharp, Jim Hopkinson, and Helen Todd. image by Martin Waxman

Deep Creativity and Brainstorming

What do you do when everything goes wrong? 

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at SXWS Conference called V2V in Las Vegas. I was thinking, “Why would I speak at SXSW, I’m not a musician?” Much to my surprise SXSW has grown from a music festival in Austin Texas, to national conference that covers issues from Entrepreneurship to Ecology. This Wednesday I had the supreme pleasure of sharing a panel on “Exploring Deep Creativity and Brainstorming,” with three outstanding thinkers in the fields of technology, social media, and marketing strategy.  My colleagues for the event were:


We were given the 9:00am time slot which is a little dicey when you consider that Las Vegas is not known for early bed times. But much to our surprise the room filled up and we had a crowd of nodding heads, engaging questions, and more attendees by the end than when we started.
Unbeknownst to us, one of the audience members was Stephanie Burns, founder of Chic Ceo and Forbes contributor. Stephanie published an article on our talk that I wanted to share with all of you, since many of the problems that most start ups face are exactly that same that photographers encounter.

Forbes Link:

An illustrator in the audience made this summary while we were speaking. I thought it was outstanding. Heather Willems

These types of speaking engagements have been fascinating for me because I find the level of engagement is truly profound. Since I started doing the talks at BH Photo last year…it occurred to me that in addition to the workshops and One on One Mentor (which up until now has been invite only) programs I run, there is a huge population of photographers who would love to attend seminars on topics like “Exploring Deep Creativity and Brainstorming,” because sometimes the creative juices run dry.  We all need solutions to overcome the dry spells and convert the fear of failure into the power of success.  Next year I will be expanding the NYC programs to offer these types of seminars where we can put down the cameras and look at many of the problems that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Be Well-Adam Marelli

ps you can see my previous quotes on Forbes here about the Leica Monochrom.

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  1. Adam, It was a pleasure to meet you & share this panel with you. I was inspired by you as well. Great Insights!

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