Aug 302013


Panel Discussion Podcast

with Adam Marelli, Jim Hopkinson,

Jey Van Sharp & Helen Todd

The Podcast on Creatvity

Recording Inside PR at SXSWV2V 2013 hosted by Martin Waxman with Adam Marelli, Jim Hopkinson, Jey Van Sharp, and Helen Todd.

For those of you who missed the introduction and write up on the panel discussion I participated in during SXSW V2V Conference this past month, have a look at this link or our Forbes write up.  As a quick introduction I was invited by Helen Todd to speak along side Jim Hopkinson and Jey Van-Sharp on Creativity and how ti relates to Entrepreneurship.  After the panel, Martin Waxman recorded a podcast that I wanted to share with all of you today.  Follow the link below to hear the podcast.  Martin, who was in the audience had a few topics that he wanted to explore further.  Since I really enjoyed to hear the opinions of my colleagues I thought it was a great way to keep the conversation going.


Creativity may be lurking just below the surface. “The Whale” by Terry Fan

Creativity, its not just for artists…

The concept of creativity is something I find to be profoundly misunderstood.  There are a group of people, you might know one, who believes that you are either born creative or not.  And if you are not born creative there is NOTHING you can do about it.  This is a farce, scam, or myth…depending on which way you want to approach it.  My rather blunt statement on it (kids close your ears) “Its bullshit.”  We, as humans, are incredibly creative.  For many people who go through formal eduction, it gets crushed out of them over time, but at our cores we are put on this planet with an endless capacity to be creative.  At the V2V conference it dawned on me that this topic deserves more attention because people greatly underestimate their abilities.  If you are one of those people, I just want to say that YOU ARE CREATIVE.  While you may not believe it, its true.

Over the next few months I will be making some major changes to the site.  We, as a photography community, are swimming in website reviews and technical articles that do nothing to develop us as visionaries. I will be adding videos to the site, because the topics of Creativity and the Artistic Process are best explored in my own voice.  And for those of you who have kindly endured my writing, typing and non-existant proofreading skills, the videos should be a welcome relief to your eyes.

But for now…go and enjoy the weekend and I will see you on Monday.

Be Well–Adam

  2 Responses to “Inside PR with Martin Waxman”

  1. Thanks for featuring the podcast interview, Adam – and being on the show! I really appreciated your insights and enjoyed meeting you.

  2. Thanks Martin,

    It was a pleasure…so great to see how V2V brought together a great group of thinkers!

    Now if I can only figure out to tolerate the sound of my voice in recordings we will be in business : )


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