Oct 222013

Street View Photography Interview with Adam Marelli

Street View Photography Interview with Adam Marelli by Carlos Bertoni

Street View Photography Interview with Adam Marelli copyright (c) Carlos Bertoni

Just before I left for Italy, David Prasser, of Street View Photography asked if I would do an interview for his website to discuss my thoughts on creativity and how I got into photography and design.  I much prefer interviews to writing about myself.  They allow for a real dialogue to occur.  Interviews are an interesting way to take stock of where I am at a given moment.  The last six months have been filled with travel.  All of those passport stamps are fun to accumulate, but bounce through enough timezones and it can be difficult to remember who you are on Monday morning.  The interview with David was opportunity to collect my ideas and take stock of what has changed.  Our philosophies are constantly evolving.   And while I should be able to get all the words out on my own website, it does not always happen that way.  Its nice to have someone come in from their perspective and point out questions they have about my work.

Here is the link to the interview.  Next week I will be interviewed by Art Photo Feature, more soon.


Be Well-Adam




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